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  • Not really new but...

    I'm not new to the primal lifestyle, I just had some questions and didn't know where else to go. I've been primal for about 3.5 months and don't understand some things.

    1) I eat alot of fat and meat and only an apple for (Simple) carbohydrates. I work out every week but I still have this soft layer around the back of my hips. I didn't start primal to lose weight, but I feel like that should have been gone by now even if I was underweight.
    2) I've heard people talk about how they have an abundance of energy after going primal. I had more spontaneous energy when I was running and eating alot more carbs. Although, if I get going on something, I don't tire out as much as I use too.
    3) I stopped washing my hair as often when I went primal and have recently gotten a flaky scalp. Could this be because of thyroid problems or just dry skin (my hands are alos red and chapped from dry skin.)

    Thanks for your help!!

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    Dry flaky skin can be a vitamin or mineral deficiency, or just a lack of fat. Reduce the temperature of your showers, too.

    Abdominal/hip fat is the last to go, and your body won't want to let go of it. You may need to do something other than basic PB for that (IF, leptin reset, carb cycling, lifting heavy(er), counting calories, etc.).