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No more cold sores by going primal

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  • No more cold sores by going primal

    Just need to share this. Found a treatment to end cold sores and yes, the herpes virus. Go to website Never an Outbreak - All Natural Health Products for Better Living This treatment is easy and really worked. I was getting about 2 cold sores a month. Always on my bottom lip. Then I started getting them on my face. Not pretty. Tried this program and have had no breakouts in 8 months. Truly life changing.The system really does seem to kill the virus. The trick is that once you get rid the virus you need to keep your bodies ph level balanced and your acidic level optimal. If you don't then if you get exposed to the virus again you most likely will contract it again. The system comes with these drops that you put in water and drink through out day. Real pain, I was always forgetting. I went primal 6 months ago. I haven't been using the drops at all. Eating primal has kept my acidic level prefect. I test it about once a month with those ph strips you test in your urine. Its always right in the range it should be. Before going primal the test strips always showed me as highly acidic.
    If you suffer from colds sores or genital herpes try the system and then just stay primal. Doesn't get easier than that.
    Hope this helps some of you sufferers out there.