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  • Introducing myself

    Hi! I chose this name because I could be sure to remember it (I have way way too many registrations online!). I got it from a random dwarf name generator (yeah, I'm THAT kind of geek) and have used it for online gaming. And there are many ways this amuses me, but I won't bore you all with that.

    Stats: 59 yo white female, divorced since the Stone Age (heh), living in Wisconsin for the vast majority of my life, at least 100 lb. overweight. I currently only have a vague idea what I should have as a goal weight. I do know that I got to 185 on my most recent weight loss attempt, and while it was a vast improvement, it wasn't where I wanted to be ultimately.

    After years of ignoring my health, I started seeing my assigned primary care physician for a case of shingles (I recommend never getting them), and now have recently been told that I'm either pre-diabetic or actually diabetic (they can't decide, but Type 2). I am already on meds for elevated blood pressure and for edema of my legs (no heart issues, probably inherited crummy veins, exacerbated by too much weight). The BP medicine isn't so bad (though I'd prefer not taking it), but the diuretic for the edema SUCKS! It's ruling my life and schedule and I want it gone. I also suspect it of increasing my blood sugar since my glucose went up (and up and up) shortly after I started taking this diuretic, but the medical professionals aren't convinced, and in any case, the leg edema without it is pretty miserable too.

    I successfully argued against starting taking metformin (supposed to help with metabolic syndrome) by expressing my determination to change my eating and exercise habits. I'd also (coincidentally?) been reading up on paleo/primal, so I took immediate steps to start moving into more primal eating.

    I was aware of MDA site but started with reading Gary Taubes' Why We Get Fat first and using his eating recommendations as my foundation. I'm now reading Primal Blueprint, reading Mark's posts, and hopping around this forum. I'm off on vacation in just a week, so I have not been too obsessively worrying about fine tuning at this point. That will be for when I come back. I know that I won't be able to be 100% while I'm gone, but since I'm staying with friends, I'll have more opportunities to incorporate a more primal style. Not going to try to convert them; if they're interested, they'll ask -- and if they do, I'll be pointing to the books I've been reading and to this site, because I'm no expert. Yet.

    I've been overweight since I was eight years old, and it's just gotten worse and worse, seemingly every year. I did "the Mayo diet" (which was supposed to be Mayo Clinic, but they had nothing to do with it) in the '60's, WW in the '70's (the earliest version, no point spending), Nutri-System in the '80's, a nutritional/exercise program through work in the '90's, and Protein Power (Dr. Eades) in the early 2000's. Ironically, the first one was high protein/low carb.

    My biggest issues have been [a] a random approach (but I had no clue what to do, a major reason why Taubes rang such a bell with me), thus no real confidence in what I was doing, [b] viewing whatever eating plan as "temporary", and [c] boredom. I think I have [a] and [b] quelled now, but [c] will be a challenge the rest of my life for a number of reasons.

    I really don't enjoy cooking much, but I really really dislike all the rest that goes with cooking -- buying groceries, storing groceries, prepping food, and post-meal clean up. So that's one facet of boredom for me, and one I will just have to suck it up and slog on. The other important facet of boredom is just getting tired of what I'm eating. As an example, in general, and right now, my favorite way to prepare chicken is to season with Spike and oven bake it (now with coconut oil instead of olive oil). Favorite in taste, but also ease of prep. But I know I will hit the wall and not be able to stand it that way one.more.time! at some point. Therefore, I am on the look out for new and different ways to prepare everything I already like, and find the courage to try new things, and possibly revisit things I DON'T like. Still haven't worked up the nerve to try sardines. I guess that could be a mini-goal.

    An ironic aside, I have for years now referred to grocery shopping as going hunting and gathering.

    So my goals are to get healthier, get rid of these really annoying medications by losing weight, increase my movement/exercise, vastly improve my blood sugars and retreat from pre-diabetes to normal (non-diabetic).

    There, now I've introduced myself and can post on other threads without feeling guilty that I've not yet done my introduction.

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