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I'm back to Primal - for good!

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  • I'm back to Primal - for good!

    Hi all,
    Doubt anyone will remember me (which I am kind of hoping for as I may have been a hot mess last time I was here lol).

    Anyway, I recently found out I am gluten intolerant (that would explain the crummy feeling I get after eating pizza and such lol) and I just haven't really felt GOOD in a long time. My solution - back to the basics: clean up my eating, get in some more movement, improve my sleeping patterns, and try to stress out less (I am a TOTAL worrier).

    I have read the book and carry it with me EVERYWHERE thanks to Kindle. Plus I have treated myself the 21-day transformation as well. I am a little scared, to be quite honest, but once the cravings go away, this should be a cinch.

    Let's see, what else do I need to tell you here?

    Mid-20's, desk job ALL DAY, low energy when I finally escape the office, need to drop 25-30 lbs. Technically won't be Primal until tomorrow. One more Atkins shake left to devour before I get rid of the preservatives in my diet.

    Oh yeah, and I guess I am a little worried about not seeing results because I didn't really the last time I tried this so any reassurance that I can get my healthy body back using this lifestyle would be appreciated.

    So far, my plan is to start out without any fruit and minimal dairy. Mostly meat, eggs and veggies. As far as exercising goes, nothing hardcore because A) I have no energy and B) I have lost a lot of my endurance being out of shape for so long. I am thinking yoga, walking, and isometrics.

    As much as I fear I could panic from doing so, I am pretty sure I need to clean my house out of all things not primal.

    If you are still reading and I haven't bored/annoyed you yet, here is my grocery list for tonight along with the meat I have already picked up from the Amish market:
    London Broil with Bacon and cheddar
    Wafer steak
    Chicken breast
    thick cut bacon
    cheddar cheese
    heavy cream
    apple cider vinegar

    Any suggestions? I feel like that isn't enough stuff lol

    Guess I should start my Primal journal now too, huh?

    Thanks for reading. I appreciate it

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    brussel sprouts
    Grass fed/ organic/ pasture raised butter
    coconut oil
    canned sardines (surprisingly tasty, convenient and satiating believe it or not)
    Sauerkraut (Bubbies brand is amazing)
    sweet potatoes

    make sure your bacon is nitrate free
    be careful with the nuts and cheese/heavy cream... I'd even suggest adding them to your no list along with fruit if you are trying to lean out

    as a fellow office worker do your best to break out and go for a stroll outside for 20-30 minutes over your lunch hour. Amazing how much better I feel.

    Good luck! Looking forward to the pinup pictures.
    ad astra per aspera


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      Thank you so much for responding!

      I agree on the bacon. I may have to wait on that because it's rather expensive.

      And the nuts are often a food I easily lose control with. Perhaps paring down my food choices and adding in some intermittent fasting (LOVE the way it makes me feel) will be a better approach to losing some of this weight.

      Do you put anything on your sardines? I was thinking mustard and hot sauce. Normally I would use mayo but I don't really want to add that into my diet.

      Since I am stuck in the office, I have put pedals under my desk for movement throughout the day and I am hoping to start walking on lunch when the weather warms up. It does elevate my mood for the rest of the day.

      I appreciate your suggestions and I have modified the grocery list. If you think of anything else, I'd love to hear it


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        Some quick food questions if anyone is still reading -

        Are these items acceptable?
        Hot sauce
        Jalapenos in a jar

        And I know I said maybe no dairy, but just for future reference
        Whole raw milk
        Sour cream



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          Where are the vegetables? Leafy greens if you want to lose weight!
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            Kale, lettuce, spinach... I'm not a fan of the leafy ones but I know they are good for me.


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              Hi Analog6

              Sorry to be tedious but I can't get the tickerfactory thing to work - which code did you use?


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                If this works...It's the bb code.


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                  Remember that you can make your own mayo and it's perfectly primal, just fat, egg, and an acid.

                  And As a person who often goes overboard on nuts and fruit, I can offer a suggestion. I've been using exercise as currency for those items.(This is outside of my normal exercise routine) It was 2 push ups for every macadamia nut, and 3 for every dried pineapple ring. I just assign a value to whatever I have in the house. It makes all my supplies last longer and I'm getting better at pushups.

                  Guacamole is great, make sure if you're not making your own it doesn't have any weird ingredients in it. Oh, just make your own, it's super easy. Another easy option for vegetables is if you(or someone one you know) has a Costco membership, they sell these big bags of Normandy blend frozen veggies(broccoli, cauliflower, orange and yellow carrots). I will often just make a meat course for lunch and just throw a bunch of frozen veggies in the Tupperware to microwave at lunch. Frozen veggies are your friend and the Costco bag lasts a while. I also get bags of frozen mixed greens(kale, collard and mustard) and throw them into meatloaf and soups/stews.

                  One last recommendation I have is to get some good quality lard. I pretty much use it for everything.
                  "Fat gives things flavor." -Julia Child
                  "It's perfect! Even if it's not, who cares. No excuses." -Julia Child

                  A cast iron skillet is a lifestyle, not a tool.

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                    Hey! Thanks so much for posting

                    I love your suggestions! I am having a hard time, though, with the lard. Firstly, the idea makes me feel a little... icky. LOL and where do I even begin to shop for this?


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                      Originally posted by TheFastCat View Post

                      canned sardines (surprisingly tasty, convenient and satiating believe it or not)
                      Eeeuwww. "Tasty"? Really? I love fresh fish of all kinds but can't imagine downing these slimy stinky things. You just eat them straight out of the can? Or do you smother them in something to disguise them?


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                        LOL! I have always eaten sardines. They are good straight out of the can on top of salad.


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                          Now anchovies are what seem slimy and stinky to me. Sardines aren't so bad...unless you forget they are in your lunch box over the weekend. That was a mistake I do not need to make more than once.


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                            Sunnivara,you must be eating the wrong sardines. Have tried Bella brand sardines? They're quite tasty. And if you're worried about them being slimy, you can find some packed in water not oil. I Love me some sardines though. I totallyagree ont he salad suggestion. Add a little vinegar and you have perfectly awesome dressing.

                            Want2BeAPinup, I understand the trepidation with lard. But remember, lard is basically the same thing as bacon grease(minus the spices). It's practically flavorless and has a high smoke point. You can get it from Us Wellness Meats online. I get mine from a farmer I found on Once a month I can put in an order for grass fed beef, pork and poultry and he drives down to Chicago with his refrigerated truck so whoever has ordered that month can pick up. I know some people have found it at farmer's markets. Maybe even specialty/boutique grocery stores. If you can find a Butcher who has access to pastured pork, than they can probably get it for you. Or you can ask for the fatback and render it yourself, if you feel so inclined. But hey just because I use it doesn't mean you need to. But it does make for an amazingly delicious and flaky pie crust.(not primal at all, but it really does)
                            "Fat gives things flavor." -Julia Child
                            "It's perfect! Even if it's not, who cares. No excuses." -Julia Child

                            A cast iron skillet is a lifestyle, not a tool.

                            My sunshine and bacon filled journal


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                              Mmm garlic, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar is my favorite home made dressing.

                              Lard doesn't sound so bad I guess. Probably can't get good lard at the store I'm stopping at after work so I'll stick with coconut oil and organic butter for now.