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Going primal and my gut issues

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  • Going primal and my gut issues

    Quick background -

    I'm a male in my mid-30s. I'm in good general health, healthy weight, low cholesteral, exercise frequently, eat "right". But, I've been having gut issues that no doc could diagnose for the past 5 years. Saw a specialist last year and was diagnosed with Cyclic Vomitting Syndrome (it sounds as bad as it is...and I know, a "syndrome" - but the diagnosis / symtoms are spot on).

    Doc recommended an OTC drug but I pushed back. She came back with CoQ10 supplements as CVS is thought to stem from a mitochondrial defect. Met with a naturopath following the diagnosis and went on a number of additional supplements (Zypan, Vit D3, Vit B12, Omega-3s, recently started on PQQ but not convinced I need it).

    Last CVS "episode" was November 2011. These episodes are brutal and I can't even begin to describe what they're like unless you've lived through one. In my instance I was having episodes at least every 6mos, and in some cases monthly.

    Stumbled upon this website and have been primal (probably better than 80/20) for the past two months. Result = I feel GREAT and no episodes since November 2011. I never realized how bloated I was until I started this diet (hate calling it that). The kicker will be if I can remain episode free through May, as they were happening at least every 6mos. Wondering if I had developed some form of Celiac which was exasberating the CVS? Any other CVS sufferers (former or current) out there?

    This site has been a great educational tool and awesome resource and the results from two short months have been excellent.