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Morning all!

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  • Morning all!

    Good morning everyone.

    I have only just started eating primally, I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of my very own copy of the primal blueprint. I'm now on my second week of eating clean. I's totally impressed by how much better I feel already.

    I'm a runner and at the moment I've got one more week to go 'til my first half marathon after which i plan on adding in a few lifting sessions. I used to do some olympic lifting whilst at uni so I'm looking forward to adding a bit more muscle to my frame. I'd like to start doing some triathlons and have my eye on a novice sprint event in September that I'm planning on working towards. I suffer from eczema and I've also got a few extra pounds of lard which I could do with shifting too, I feel confident that this new way of eating and exercising will help rid me of both problems.

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    Hi trinity!

    Good luck in your many pursuits. The diet should help with all of those things.


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      Hello and welcome,
      The Primal lifestyle is a wonderful amazing way of living. The problems you mentioned should disappear soon. Grok on!


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        Thank you everyone.