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  • Keen but not altogether confident ...

    Hi, everyone:

    I'm pretty new to the primal scene (the eating more than the exercising). I have Type 1 diabetes, and have a bit of experience with low-carbing as a means of controlling blood sugar I tried the Dr. Bernstein ultra low-carb approach, but it had some features that really turned me off. The Primal Blueprint approach seems more appealing and makes physiological sense, so I'm giving it a go.

    I've exercised all of my adult life. For the past few years I've been rowing (2-hour sessions, 3-4 x per week), weight training (45-60 minutes, 2 x per week), interval training (tabatas, max. once a week), and cycling (as transportation, every day).

    It's still early days for the diet I went primal 5 days ago but I thought I'd share a few goals and uncertainties. Any advice or comments would be great!

    My stats:

    Age: 46
    Sex: F
    Weight: 150
    Height: 5'7"
    Meds: Insulin (via pump), Synthroid (after having my thyroid nuked for Graves' disease)

    My goals:

    Steady blood sugars more of the time
    Enough energy to do my workouts (This was a problem on ultra low-carb.)
    Lose ~10 lbs, and/or swap some fat for muscle
    Reduce or eliminate various annoyances, including PMS, mild eczema, and chronic hunger

    Some random questions:

    I'm still fuelling my rowing workouts (which include cycling to/from the lake) with fruit and/or starchy veg + pure dextrose if my blood sugar goes too low. Do these carbs mean I need to be more cautious about fat intake (ie. if I want to lose weight)? For example, I've been treating the hunger pangs I still get with a spoonful of almond and coconut butter, and the fat-phobic part of my brain gets a little panicky!

    Given that T1 diabetes (and its hypoglycemic complications) + my beloved rowing regimen make it unlikely I'll ever be able to ditch carbohydrates completely, can I expect ever to escape the chronic hunger pangs that bother me?

    Any experiences with primal eating and PMS or eczema? (I expect these topics have been taken up in other threads, so referrals/links would be fantastic.)

    Thanks very much for reading and happy Sunday!