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  • Hello from Detroit

    I stumbled upon the PB plan purely by accident. I read through the 101 page and it just clicked. It made more sense to me than anything I had read previously about health, nutrition and weight loss. What I found particularly interesting was about grains and how they were so terrible for you. I became a vegetarian 16 years ago and from that moment on, I gained weight believing I was living healthier. Now I realize that all I did was substitute pasta and bread for meat and packed on the pounds. (Birthing 3 babies in 2 1/2 years also contributed.)

    My cousin has celiacs and I wonder if I might have a sensitivity to gluten as well. I'm using the PB plan for weight loss and since Sunday (the 19th) have lost 6 lbs. It's challenging to say the least. I will always be a vegetarian...the guilt would depress me and eating meat would make me physically ill.... but I did compromise on eating fish. So, 3 times a week I will eat Mahi-Mahi and the Black Fin Tuna that my parents catch in the Keys. I'm only keeping track of my carbs and trying to stay in the "sweet spot." So far so good...but I'm still reading and learning.


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    Hi to you from Chicago, Jen--congrats on the transition, and for shedding 6lb.s in such a short time! I agree with you about how intuitively correct PB seems, and then there's the scientific backup. Good luck with it--I'm sure there are plenty of vegetarian resources here.
    Tom B-D


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      Hey Tom. Thanks!

      I was (am) shocked by this because I didn't realize how many carbs I was really eating. My diet used to look like this:
      Breakfast: cereal or eggs with toast and jelly
      Lunch: Sandwich and soup with maybe some chips.
      Dinner: Spaghetti with bread / butter or some kind of fake soy meat with veggies.
      (of course there were also the random doughnuts, cakes, and other sugary items thrown in there)

      Now it's more like:
      Breakfast: veggie omlette with cheese
      Lunch: Salad with veggies and cheese
      Snack: Yogurt with berries or a protein smoothie
      Dinner: Mahi Mahi, side of roasted veggies with a loaded baked potato

      Those changes alone have made a huge difference. I'm cautiously optomistic that the weight loss will continue on this path but I know eventually it will slow. ...Although, it has given me quite a boost in motivation!