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Vegan War on Dogs and Cats

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  • Vegan War on Dogs and Cats

    Durianrider and Freelee, Shut-Up!

    Dogs and cats are man's traditional companion animals. They are ever with us in all generations, wagging their tails even while being abused. They are precious. Dogs are man's helpmate as they pull sleds, lead the blind, find bodies or bombs. There is no animal closer to man and if someone's unaware of that they've never had a dog. In fact, in the past some scientists saw the dog as closest to man evolutionarily, not the monkey, because he is so responsive to man. Because of this they should be given special status above other farm animals used for meat. Of course all animals should be treated humanely but special status is just that: you don't misuse/mistreat man's pets.

    But Durianrider and Freelee don't want that. They say "what's the difference between them and animals used for food?" They show pictures of people putting dogs in ovens--to make their point, to shock us into treating farm animals in that same special way. But in so doing they don't RAISE the status of farm animals they only LOWER the status of dogs and cats. These two supposed "humane" workers Durianrider and Freelee are collapsing that timeless division and coming dangerously close to giving the dog no status at all. They show pics of roasted dog with the heading "tastes the same".

    To make their stupid point, these two immature "public figures" have no idea of their powerful but dangerous influence. They don't realize man's depravity: they are putting suggestions of meanness towards dogs and cats in the heads of people. Just out of pure spite, to make their point, they are inciting abuse towards our innocent companion animals and MUST BE STOPPED. Give special status to man's companion animals before it is too late!

    Americans don't eat dogs and cats. We were a decent people. But these two are globalists: because dogs and cats ARE eaten across the world they wish to force it on us Americans. We have lost our innocence an goodness, as reflected in the special status we gave our dogs and cats. But that makes Durianrider and Freelee mad--angry at the supposed "contradiction" between how they are treated and meat animals, they incite kids to put their mom's dog in the oven, to "make the point".

    They are so immature they have no idea of the ugly horrible situation they are creating all in the name of "humaneness". They are forcing globalism on a decent country and ought to be stopped. They think they're being cute, clever. They're making a point while all they're doing is dissing dogs and causing a war on man's best friends.

    It might be worth adding in the points that Harley and Freelee:
    a) choose to reside in countries where these practices take place and yet do not take action against them, or support, or advocate those agencies that do, and;
    b) promote vegan diets for cats and dogs, which are suitable for neither and cause a vast number of chronic illnesses