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Hi everyone, new to this...also, ideas for cooking cheap meat?

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  • Hi everyone, new to this...also, ideas for cooking cheap meat?

    Hi everyone. I've been lurking here for a bit, trying to figure out stuff basically. I've been off dessert for 2 weeks, and full-on Primal for 4 days. Since I started primal I'm down 3 lbs! I'm also doing intermittent fasting 24 hrs 2x a week. The first one (after I was still eating grains) was TERRIBLE, but the second one yesterday was ridiculously easy.

    I haven't been controlling calories...I reeeally don't want to reduce that until I have to, but I've averaged 1800 so far, about 60-100 carbs/day. I'm 5'8, early 20s female, 158 lbs, just want to lose about 15 vanity lbs, and get healthier. My exercise isn't much lately. Even though this isn't very low-carb, I feel a little drained at the gym, though I'm trying to keep up the fat.

    So as a college kid I can't afford any grass-fed beyond the cheapest cuts-ground beef, stew meat, stewing free-range chickens, etc. Besides soup and stew, what else can I make? Specifically, I'm wondering how you make saucy stuff like curries without rice or bread to soak it up. Is there a good replacement?

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    I stir fry frequently. Just saute veggies & meat with some fat and voila: a meal. You could still use white rice minimally if it doesn't aggravate your stomach or digestion, but it will quickly increase your carbs. You might try keeping your carbs higher than 100g on days you work out, but I would say to give it some time, at least 2-3 weeks, before you worry, as your carb reduction may be enough to make you go through carb flu depending on how high your carb intake was before.
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      More vegetables.
      Perhaps some potatoes or sweet potatoes.
      A little white rice sometimes doesn't hurt either, for most people.
      I prefer more veggies, though.

      Remember, this isn't a low-carb way of eating, but a low-toxin way of eating. That will help you not be afraid of carbs.


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        Thanks for the tips! I was trying to keep the carbs in the weight loss spot. I don't want to set myself up for a giant carb bingefest though so I'll add a bit more and see how I feel.

        I went to the gym today...usually can do 3 mile run with no problems, but I struggled to complete 2 before I got seriously nauseous and a sharp headache. Is that common with starting?

        And I feel really lame for not thinking of stir-frying when I'm part Asian. Heh...