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  • INPUT welcome!

    Okay, so here is some information first!

    This month my Average daily is around
    Calories 1,200
    Fat- 90- (64% calories)
    Carbs -40- (13% calories)
    Protein- 72.4 (24% calories)

    I saw results the first month (its been one and a half) Then .. they stopped. I began copiously reading articles, and forums.
    Almost giving up ... again. (sadly.)

    Anyways through my reading I found different "training" to try. I've worked out a schedule just now...

    Sprint all out efforts!
    7-10 minutes. (maybe 6 "reps")
    High intensity workout, 15 Minutes or so
    (Using weights with my whole body. And using my body.)
    My daily walk (usually 30-45 minutes)

    My walk
    lift some weights

    Another day of high intensity 15-20 mins

    Thursday (just as tuesday)

    Friday (just as wednesday)

    Lazy day.

    All out sprint again.

    I stick to meats, veggies (could always use more of them!!), fruit every now and again, Fat oils (Avocado oil, Olive oil, real butter) and Dark chocolate (75% content and up, not often.)
    I use Fitday every day. I have for about a week. Am I consuming enough calories? To many?
    I was doing intensive cardio before all of my reading.
    I hope to see results, and maybe feel good enough near June to flaunt my confidence, I haven't gone swimming since I was 12 ...
    That would mean the world to feel that secure.

    I have been a fan of marks for a while now. Months. But went on and off being primal. Trying to find a way to love my body. I've grown to respect it, and appreciate it. But I want to feel good in it. I stopped I suppose seeing results, and I'm terrified I am doing this wrong. I don't want to give up. I'm slowly gaining hope, I always just wanted to feel happy in my own skin.
    Any advice anyone can offer, and help .. would be just lovely. I am willing to give my all.

    Height: 5'5- 5'4
    (I'm severely one of those skinny fat people... underneath it all, fat and cellulite.)

    SW: Possibly 145
    CW: 133
    GW: feeling good.
    SW: 200
    GW: When I get there I will know
    CW: 121!!

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    I think you may have to be a bit more patient and just keep at it. Your diet seems very good. Are you hungry on this amount of food or do you feel satisfied?

    This issue for you is that you are no longer over weight - so your body may have reached a size it "likes" to be so you may only lose fat slowly. Keep and eye on your measurements and how your clothes are fitting as you may be losing fat but not weight.

    You can also try things like carb cycling and intermittent fasting if you don't have more progress in another month or two.

    Congrats on your success so far
    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )