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  • Sort of a Newbe intro

    Hi, I've been lurking on here for awhile and finally decided to introduce myself. I've been enjoying browsing through this forum. I got interested in this diet after reading Good Calories Bad Calories. After reading that I went looking for something that I could actually recommend to people who don't have the science background to get through Taubs, and stumbled onto The Primal Blueprint.

    I'm a 25 year old grad student (Doctorate in Physical Therapy). I have celiac disease so I've never intentionally eaten any grains besides rice and corn. I've always eaten pretty healthy. Fruits, veggies, grass fed meat, but I do have a bit of a sweet tooth. I have lyme disease so I'm in the process of trying to make my diet even healthier. I am currently going into my second month of only eating sugar (in moderation) on Saturdays. I know that primal blueprint discourages having a cheat day, but I have found it is easier for me to not eat it at all than to try to eat it in small quantities on a more frequent basis. My Saturday treat is typically something like coconut ice cream, or a couple of dark chocolate peanut butter cups. In terms of the rest of my diet, I do eat potatoes and rice occasionally (maybe once a week), but otherwise I'm mostly eating meat, veggies, fat, fruit.

    I am not overweight (142lbs at 5 6' and 19% bodyfat). I was an exercise science major for my undergraduate so I've been doing heavy weight training for years. Currently doing the convict conditioning program + kettbells twice a week, and then one day of heavy weights at the gym. I'm curious to see if I lose a bit of fat with cutting out sugar. Although I don't particularly care if I do, it was kind of fun maintaining at 16% in college.

    I was wondering if there is anyone else in the world who can't eat grainfed milk and eggs? I react to them exactly the same way I react to grains... So disappointing. I can buy grass-fed milk, but grass fed eggs don't exist. I've finally decided that I just need to get backyard chickens. Luckily in Seattle you can legally keep up to 8 chickens.

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    My dad had major digestion/leaky gut problems, so he can't eat eggs, started off not being able to eat normal eggs then got more and more sensative so he couldn't even eat the eggs from their own chickens, he also can't have any shop bought pork as the soya fed to the pigs gets through and makes his guts bad, same goes for cows if they are not grass fed and he can't eat shop bought chicken unless it's skinless breast(no fat so no toxins that he reacts too). So you are not the only one. I'm trying to convince him to eat nothing buy grass fed meat and veggies for a month to heal his gut a bit and see how he feels, but he still has things like spelt flour, rice, rolled oats Though hopefully having seen the change in me already he might start to thing about it a bit.
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      Hey thanks for the response. I always feel like scientists don't understand celiac as well as they think they do. My Mother, Brother and I all have the same weird thing of not being able to eat grain-fed milk and eggs. I'm so grateful that my Mother figured out that she and my brother had it before I was born. I've had about as little gluten exposure as someone with celiac could possibly hope to have. So I stepped on a scale for the first time since I stopped eating sugar 4 weeks ago and I've lost 4.5 lbs. I'm fine with losing up to six more lbs, but I don't really want to go under that since I'm already at 18% body fat. I'm assuming my weight will stabilize at some point?