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  • Hellow from Los Angeles

    Just wanted to check in and say hi. Been doing the Primal Blueprint as best I can for about two years now (I'd say I average a B-). The nutrition part is a piece of cake (pun intended) but I have difficulty getting moving. I hike at least once a week but I find I don't have a lot of energy to lift heavy things. I freelance in the Film and TV industry so my finances are hit or miss depending on the month and its tough to afford good, quality, food. Regardless, love this lifestyle and I look forward to being apart of this community.

    PS Sorry about the typo in the title.
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    Hi and welcome!

    You mentioned you've been doing PB (mostly) for about 2 years now. What've your experiences been like? Seen any noticeable changes in health or weight? I'm just curious to know.

    I wish I had some better advice on how to incorporate more exercise into your days, but right now I'm pretty much in the same boat. Good luck with everything, though!


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      I work in downtown L.A. and live in northern Glendale. I've been doing PB/Paleo since September 2011, but before that I was eating a higher-protein/modified low-carb-tho-not-Primal diet that a gym personal trainer had me on. I like the PB/Paleo much better and I can tell the difference.

      Are you going to PrimalCon 2012?