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  • I'm diving in!

    Hi, I'm Wendy, a 41 year old awesome female human who recently moved to amazing Boulder Colorado! Life is good. I have cut grains/sugars quite a bit the past two years as I discovered CrossFit and began reading all kinds of books about nutrition (paleo, zone, protein power, warrior, etc). There is so much overwhelming info out there, hard to know what to believe. But, I have 12 pounds to lose, and set a goal of my birthday on April 25 to get er done and get my body back to where she belongs and LGN. So Primal it is. I have probably been around 60% primal anyway, but now I am going for 95% and see what happens. I do eat some limited high quality dairy (raw cheese, organic full fat cottage cheese and greek yogurt here and there). My weakness is dark chocolate, I could eat it all day long. I don't CrossFit anymore (it made be strong and injured) and now I am playing around with the Primal fitness two strength and one sprint session per week, plus I am always hiking, playing hockey, and like to go for an occasional bike ride or 3 mile trail jog when I feel like it. I am also playing around with minimalist shoes. I feel good about making this leap and commitment and I am excited about it. I am 4 days in, and I feel kinda crappy, and I have some headaches, and I am having very bizaree unpleasnt dreams - anyone else have this? Otherwise, I am doing great and feel good about this! I am so glad I discovered MDA and this community, I think it suits me and I feel like I belong here........


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    Hi Wendy,

    Strange you should mention the dreams. I've been primal for 4 weeks and I've had so many nightmares. I don't know if it has anything to do with the diet or just plain ole stress. But I found it curious that you have had them too. As for your love of dark chocolate, you'll be thrilled to know it's not a bad thing, and MDA did a couple posts about that very thing. I love chocolate so much sometimes I think it's flowing thru my veins instead of blood. Anyways, here's the link. Good luck with your primal journey!

    The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate | Mark's Daily Apple

    The 5 Best Dark Chocolate Bars in the World | Mark's Daily Apple

    Is All Chocolate Created Equal? | Mark's Daily Apple


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      good luck wendypet. we support you, i support you, 148%.


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        You're just having some detox symptoms from having no sugar, no carbs. Mine lasted about 5 days, made me real sleepy too.
        You'll feel great real soon.