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    Originally posted by TwinkiesnKetchup View Post
    I would recommend taking measurements, have you always walked 2-3 miles daily? Are your clothes feeling loose?
    Took measurements... Lost overall 6"!!! Freakin evil scales


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      Thanks so much for all your help, abstractpersona!!!


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        Thank you!!

        I've been trying to be Primal for, well, a long time. I have the books. I have much of the stuff (food, etc). But I'm doing it solo in the family and am such a stress eater...of all the wrong things. Admittedly, it only lasts a day or two, but oh boy...
        I logged in today to try to get that 'shot in the arm' that I needed to do this yet again. Your thread has really done that for me! All reved up for tomorrow. And I'll just keep checking back here (and other posts) to keep on the straight and narrow. It sure helps knowing that others have struggled - but are seeing success!
        Keep it up. And again, thank you for putting it all out there!


        (Oh - not hijacking the thread - I'll post my issues in a new one - just wanted to say a big thank you to you - and those who have been responding to you!)


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          Michelle, I've found the same thing with me: I'm always hovering between 132-135lbs, but I get comments about leaning out.
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            Congrats on the 6 inch loss! That's awesome!

            Just wanted to add my 2 cents: when I took a Nutrition class in college, I remember learning about a way to calculate your height, weight, age, etc. and find out how much you SHOULD eat which means how many calories your body needs just to function properly and stay alive. I am 5'3" as well and my body needs a minimum of roughly 1500 calories to live. Just to live, just to keep my organs functioning, lungs breathing, brain thinking, and limbs moving.That does not include all the extra exercise. I suspect that if I were as active as you, I would need to add an additional 200+ calories to my diet. And you must get in your healthy carbs! I always (even before starting Primal) eat a meat, veggie, and fruit at lunch time and feel satisfied.

            Keep up the good work!


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              Originally posted by Michelle Grey View Post
              I began The PB 2 wks. ago. I am strictly following the diet plan and exercising every day.
              I am eating meats and veggies 3x a day and NO snacking, sans an apple here or a handful of blueberries.
              My weight has actually INCREASED! I am beginning to think that this may not be the weight loss diet for me.
              I am SO DISCOURAGED(
              That's because it's not a weight loss diet.

              Paleo dieting is a lifestyle choice. If simply "eating paleo" means you lose weight, then everyone who is on paleo would be constantly losing weight until they shrivelled up into nothing, which obviously does not happen.

              Paleo is about eating healthy food. That may or may not result in weight loss DEPENDING ON HOW MANY CALORIES YOU EAT.

              Calories are the important thing. For a lot of people, eating paleo means they are automatically eating less calories than they were before. It's a side-effect. And they lose weight. But they're not losing weight because there's something magical about fresh vegetables and meat. They're losing weight because they're eating less calories, whether by accident or design.


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                Originally posted by Michelle Grey View Post
                Took measurements... Lost overall 6"!!! Freakin evil scales
                just saw this. wooot wooot! (the devil i tell you!)

                Originally posted by captaineight View Post
                That's because it's not a weight loss diet.
                I see this on MDA a LOT...i kind of read it as a "scolding" but that could be my perception/problem

                ALL of the "paleo" books/websites i have seen say things like:

                "Eating meat, eggs, and a generally high-fat diet not only is healthy but is the key to effortless weight loss" - primal blueprint

                "Eat for better health and weight loss the Paleo way" - paleo diet

                "Do you want to lose fat and stay young...." - paleo solution

                and that doesn't include the endless websites/blogs/e-books with their own versions of paleo/primal "selling" weight loss or the testimonials with before/after weight loss photos....

                I think it is tooootally reasonable for a reader/follower of paleo/primal to "expect" weight loss given the authors' claims....especially once you have read more than a book jacket/blog

                i personally think that there is something magical about fresh veggies and meat...and not just those mushrooms i've heard about