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day 13, still adapting, but things are going well

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  • day 13, still adapting, but things are going well

    Formerly, I went primal for something like 2-3 monthes. Lost 16kg in that time, felt better, great actually. Started to lift weight and was convinced by people to eat more carbs, and eventually went back to a non-paleo diet, but didn't add much weight. After I stopped lifting (silly reasons), got more weight, and now I decided to go paleo again, and keep at it! Even if I go back to lifting weights...

    Right now doing a 'mix' of primal blueprint fitness and convict conditioning, 2x/week bodyweight exercises, and it's going to go slower than I thought! Used to lift 5x5, so not used to so many reps... but I'm sure I'll keep advancing!

    My sleep isn't all that good. I'm having an acute crisis of rhinitis, and some girlfriend stress (usually at night...) so there are other reasons other than the primal change for non-peaceful sleep. I'll get over that as well!

    My sex drive improved... it wasn't bad, it was big, but now it's huge, I think that must be because of exercise (walking 40min every day), vit D (30min sunbathing every day, 15min belly up, 15min belly down) and eating more fat. I'm guessing that.

    Already lost 6kg! in less than 2 weeks. Things are promising!

    Still didn't star the sprints... I admit that scares me. I'm going to buy vibrams and start sprinting only then... get my lungs and heart used to some exercise again, and lose a bit more weight (79kg now) before starting sprinting... oy vey


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    day 18

    Right now just ate after my first day of fasting. No longer having trouble sleeping, not feeling very hungry most of the time (except during fasting... :P), not craving sweets or carbs...

    My general energy levels are higher! I feel very awake most of the time, full of energy.
    I'm taking cold showers, and I'm getting used to it, so it's almost natural now. It is very hot in Brazil right now, so that's part of it, I don't know how the winters are going to be... I'm also not using soap or shampoo, just rubbing myself with a natural sponge, and my skin excessive oils are gone. My hair doesn't look dirty, too.

    My Vibrams arrived! I took a couple of slow-paced walks with them, and I enjoy them a lot. I'm curious to see how they'll perform in water...

    The harder parts to take care, so far, are Play and Sleep. I'm not sleeping 7-9h a day, but getting closer to it. I'm thinking of adding two naps, multiphasic sleep... I don't know. And Play, well, I'm starting to feel like it again, but still not in good shape!

    Fourth day of my PBF + CC training went well. Not great, but I can measure the improvement, and my body is sore, so it's working :P

    lost 6.5kg so far. Feel good. Sometimes I get cranky.


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      Wow, 6kg in less than 2 weeks? That's amazing!