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    Hi ,

    I am new to the forum. Iíve been doing Atkinís on and off for over a year (approx. 25# down) but really need a different plan. I need more veggies and really loved Markís Primal Blueprint book.

    I have a real problem with having ZERO energy on low carb and I tend to make it 3-4 weeks on VLC and just give up and eat carbs/sugar (binge) a few days and then start VLC (under 20g) all over again. This has been my pattern for this past year. Itís that I just get so tired of having ZERO energy and give up, over and over. (21 days never did it for me).

    I now understand that because I have been overweight (100# at my max Ė 75# now) for so long (over 10 years) AND very sedentary (home based biz so sometimes I go from bed to the computer, sit all day, cook dinner for DH and I and then back to bed at night.. sometimes I actually go days without even leaving the house).

    I now get that I just need to give it longer than most others and that my energy should come. I kept hearing about everyoneís amazing energy and just giving up because I would go up to a month and have none. I also think I need more veggies.

    In Markís latest podcast with Jimmy Moore, Mark answered one of my questions about having zero energy and how long it was taking me to become adapted to using ketones and fat for energy. I understand much better now.. about building more mitochondria for energy using HIT and even though I feel like a total slug I am doing jumping jacks and jump rope a couple of times a day. I can only make it maybe 60 seconds so far but itís a start.

    I also have inflammatory bowel disease (Crohnís is in my family) which low carb REALLY does help, pain and inflammation wise.

    I am also going to start a walking routine soon, hopefully.

    I just wanted to come in and say hello and check out the forum. I have hope now that I may be able to get thru this really low energy phase (more veggies could certainly help!). Since I understand more about having to build more mitochondria and thus slowly produce more energy, I am willing to wait it out.

    Itís been a pretty soul crushing past year but I have always felt that I would figure it out and KNEW that eating lower carb had to be the answer I just have not been able to get it right. I really LOVE ketosis and itís appetite suppression and really need it but I canít live with such low energy. I am excited to join the forums.


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    Ditch the grains and enjoy your meals of real food, meat, fat and lots of delicious veg.
    Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
    Don't forget to play!


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      Originally posted by Dirlot View Post
      Ditch the grains and enjoy your meals of real food, meat, fat and lots of delicious veg.
      Accurate and straight to the point.

      I'm a relative newbie (7 weeks PB) but I decided that although so much of this goes against CW, a leap of faith was needed to get going. Guess what - stay on track and the benefits are enormous.

      I'll also add that you'll need to keep reading the threads and asking questions when you are unsure.

      All the best

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      Commenced PB Jan 2nd 2012.
      86.1kg, 23% bodyfat
      Last assessment January 26, 2014 - 79.4kgs & 14.6% bodyfat

      My goal is to:
      Maintain PB lifestyle of diet and exercise.
      Maintain weight of around 80kgs and 15% bodyfat.


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        For now, don't even worry about carbs either. Just focus on eating primal foods. It is very possible to do a high-carb Primal way of eating, or even moderate carb. If VLC doesn't agree with you, don't do it.


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          I just wanted to check in.
          I did well this last week! It was not easy because I am not used to cooking that much yet and I felt a little overwhelmed. I am going to work on prepping a couple of extra meals to free on the weekend.

          We (husband is doing primal with me) had totally primal meals all week with the exception early on of using low carb tortillas for breakfast burritos.. I think they are flax and soy based but I am sure very processed so they were not great but other than that one breakfast we were right on!

          I feel well. I am working on staying under 45 carbs a day simply because it helps control my hunger. I have had zero problem doing that and have really enjoyed the berries, pink grapefruit (I live in the middle of a bunch of citrus groves) and green apple I have had this week.

          My husband is researching smokers this weekend! I can't wait to have some good smoked fish and of course he wants a crazy huge briscuit to smoke.