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  • Day 4 so far

    I cut out all the grains. No more bread, rice, pasta, etc. I haven't gone full blown hardcore paleo (yet) and haven't swapped my entire diet for organic food. In fact, I am a grad student on a college campus with miles between me and home and long days so I often find myself having to forage on the go. 10 ways to forage in a fast food nation has been extremely helpful. I went to the grocery store last night and picked up almonds, salad stuff, olive oil, bacon, eggs, and whole milk (not that 1% stuff). Now I realize this is not strict paleo and more of a transfer from carbs to fats/protein in my diet. But I feel great. So much better

    The second day I might have had some carb withdrawals with some light headedness and some headaches but after getting a good nights sleep I was all good to go. My carb levels the last three days have been roughly 44-80 g of carbs total. My diet before was probably typical standard American diet with carbs in the 100s of grams per day.

    I woke up this morning and felt so good I just went for a run. I felt like going for a short run. I never used to feel like moving like that in the morning! My workouts of lifting heavy things have felt better and more productive. On a weird note, when I wake up in the morning my mouth doesn't feel funky with morning breath general nastiness. Must be the reduced carbs (sugars) not giving an environment for bacteria to thrive!

    So far I love this and feel leaner already!


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    Welcome. You don't have to be strict paleo. Do the best you can and don't worry.
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