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    Wow, I had typed out my story in full here until the internet womped up and deleted it. It's for the best, I guess. I'll try to keep this a lot more, uh, concise. If you don't want to read through all of this (I don't blame you) I'll put a tl;dr at the end.

    When Vegans Attack on 10-Speed Bikes
    I'm a 19 year old college kid. 5'11 and, even though I haven't weighed myself at all in the past few months, I'm guessing my weight is somewhere between 200 and 230 lbs. I've never been athletic and have never really been a normal weight either. Been heavyset (but not necessarily jaw-droppingly 'fat') my whole life. I'm talking double chins, man boobs, potbelly. I'll put photos up later and we can all share a laugh over my jiggly, doughy physique because its time has come and I'm putting the boots to it as I type this.

    A little backstory: I used to be vegan. In fact, I went vegan to impress this ultraliberal hipster and 'flexitarian' girl at my old high school. Turns out A) she was a self-absorbed snob and a really unpleasant person and B) being vegan made me sick, weak, constantly tired and, while I lost weight, it was all in my muscles. I was still just as flabby as ever, though I might've lost a few brain cells along the way and gained a couple pounds of that special brand of smugness most vegans have.

    So, last winter, I made the decision to go primal for my health. I also experimented with things like sun exposure, intermittent fasting and exercise that wasn't chronic cardio. It worked in the short term, until I ended up back on a SAD diet of junk food due to the high stress of being a HS senior, coupled with a family that was appalled at my new paleo 'fad diet.' My brother, who's also vegan, has basically cut me out of his life for my great 'betrayal' of the 'movement.' Of course, I win in the end because he feels like crap all the time and is depressed and he can't put on an ounce of muscle. Hey, if he ever wants to join the living world, I'll welcome him with open arms. But if he's content to suffer physically for the rest of his life just so he can claim some sort of moral high ground, well, that's how it goes.

    Anyways, I've been switching between SAD and primal for basically the last year without much success. Every day was a struggle. Thankfully, something - not sure what - happened in February, 2012. It was like a switch was flipped on and my whole brain just kinda changed. I've been full-on primal for a few days now (I'm including fasting days, because yes, I do IF) and honestly the difference from SAD is amazing in even this short a time period.

    Animal Living in the Human Zoo
    I'm sleeping better already. A lot of squishiness in my double chin and stomach has gone down - which I think is a result of losing some initial water weight. My mental clarity is getting better; the brain fog is lifting. These changes may be small but they're enough to keep me going.

    I'm still fighting some dreadful sugar and junk cravings, but I'll win. I read a good piece of advice somewhere on here about how eating more fat can actually fulfill the body's sugar cravings and that's helped me a lot. I have confidence in myself and my goals. I haven't really been good convincing anyone to go paleo up until now - I mean, I knew all the science and the history and the success stories, but I couldn't even implement it in my own life.

    Things are changing, and I'm so glad. It's scary moving into a stage of life that I've never experienced before: good health, abundant energy, respectable fitness. Scary and uncomfortable, but I think I've had enough of being sick and overweight.

    There's a lot more to my story, and I look forwards to sharing it over the coming weeks and months, as well as learning about all of your stories as well. I think MDA is one of the best health and fitness communities on the internet and I'm excited to really join it.

    I'll post some 'before' pictures sometime today or tomorrow for the morbid curiosity of all. Thanks for reading. Oh, and...

    tl;dr: I was SAD. So I went vegan. My health worsened. I went primal, then fell back into SAD, now I'm primal again and this's personal.
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    That's got to be one of the best tl:dr summaries I've ever read.
    Welcome aboard.


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      Ha, thanks.

      If anyone's interested, I set up a journal. Now that the introductions are at least partially taken care of, I guess it's off to start posting and sharing and blah blah blah.