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  • Hey guys!

    After years of seeing my weight go up and down, I "discovered" this whole paleo/primal thing back in the fall. I didn't immediately jump on board, because like most, I still thought whole grains and corn were healthy foods!

    After giving it a shot with my fiancee (who discovered her gluten allergy around this time) for a month back in September, I felt better, noticed that I was leaner, and I didn't get the 2:30 crash like you see in the 5-hour energy commercials. Still, for some reason I wasn't fully on board. Around the time I moved and got complacent again and fell off the wagon and back into the rut of pizza and bread and beer.

    Finally, in December, I had an epiphany. At 28, I'm not getting any younger and that any attempts at reclaiming my health and fitness were only going to get harder from here. So I devoured (pun!) Robb Wolf's book, and then Mark's book while making over our diet little by little. I've lost about 12 lbs since January, but I feel much leaner, and my pants are on the verge of being unable to stay up with a belt.

    I'm glad that there's a forum like this where one can come to share stories and the like.

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    Welcome Bob. I'm glad it is going well.
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