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Dipping a toe in the primal waters

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  • Dipping a toe in the primal waters

    Hey all.

    I was cruising the www recently looking for a workout program (for lack of a better term). I love the idea of both Crossfit and P90X but have issues with each and neither is realistic for my life right now. So I stumble onto one of Mark's articles and eventually to the site.

    I find the "exercise" part of what I have read to make a lot of sense and looks like it would be easy and realistic to fit into my life. I think I have failed in the past because I had unrealistic plans to hit the gym or do the P90X or whatever and it has been too hard to fit it into my schedule and life. The idea of walking or doing easier work a few days a week along with a couple of days of body weight workouts and one or two interval type workouts a week seems realistic. It should definitely be beneficial because I am primarily sitting on my ass now.

    As for the nutritional parts, I generally like what I see but as always am a little hesitant. I have always thought that eating food as close to it's natural state has to be the healthier way to go but never gave much thought to whole grain foods being unhealthy. I think sticking to something pretty close to Primal eating is realistic enough to work with though. I dont find it overly restrictive or extreme. Seems pretty tame other than the complete elimination of grains.

    I have been reading some and it looks like a great place to learn and bounce ideas around. I have been on plenty of forums for different topics so I am pretty good about reading between lines and have pretty thick skin.

    As for me, I'm a 45 year old man. I am finding weight harder to lose the older I get and I think science supports that but I recently gained 15lbs or so that I really want to get rid of. I had to take a prescription for a while and I think it was responsible for the rapid gain but now that I'm no longer taking it, I still cant seem to make it budge. Partly because I havent been able to commit to something and partly because I recently had shoulder surgery and have to ease back into activity.

    Anyway, nice place you got here.

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    Welcome. Come on in. The bacon is fine.
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