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Louisiana Primal hard this time of year!!!

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  • Louisiana Primal hard this time of year!!!

    Hey guys. Don't know how many of you guys hail from the Deep South, but this is the time of year (more than usual) that temptation is all around us.

    King cakes(King cake - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)! Crawfish boils (with beer)! Festival time! On and on and on!

    I am so pumped to have come across Primal Blueprint. Without it, this year would be just like any other... Lose weight for first two months of the year, then gain it all back through the spring time with consuming all of the food and drink that we are all so used to putting in our mouths this time of year.

    A brief testament to how wonderful PB is... The other day, my son brought home a little bit of king cake, and I thought to myself, oh just a little won't hurt. I ate a piece about 1 inch thick, and was doubled over in discomfort within twenty minutes. It was as if though my body was reacting to me, as if to say "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!" I never realized how bad I felt after eating junk like that until I completely removed it out of my diet!

    Best wishes for continued success to everyone in this community. What an awesome place!

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    You are making me miss New Orleans. This was the first year in as many as I can remember that I have not made it down there for Mardi Gras.
    "Canned food is a perversion,' Ignatius said. 'I suspect that it is ultimately very damaging to the soul."
    - John Kennedy Toole (A Confederacy of Dunces)


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      Shawn, I live in LA too! I agree, the King Cakes are calling my name... I decided I'm going to indulge on Mardi Gras day, but only on that day, and then I'm done. And boiled seafood is perfectly primal! Just avoid the corn and potatoes! I intend to eat my fair share of boiled crawfish and garlic this season, for sure.


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        I've lost my taste for sweets but I can imagine how hard it is. I'm not from LA but I love n'awlins. (Haven't seen the rest of the state but would like to.) My Mardi Gras suggestions. From a native Californian - LOL. I'm more Archevore than Primal so I eat some beans, rice and starchy veg.
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