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    I have been trying to live and eat primally for almost a year now. I was living out in Arizona and working for a trail crew a few years ago, camping out and working outside. Being out for eight days at a time I packed in lots of carby wheat products, pastas and dry goods, normal camp stuff. The year took a toll on me and I started to feel awful, headaches, stomach aches, joint pains, and extreme fatigue. I spent some time in and out of doctors offices trying to figure out why i felt so awful all the while losing weight.
    After many months of feeling ill I found Mark's website and picked up his book and dove right in. I started to feel better with in a few weeks. I finally started to put back on weight and was able to gain back the muscle mass I lost.
    Now I am back out on the trail, this time in Las Vegas and eating very differently. If anyone is interested in running, biking, or any kind of other physical activity in Vegas let me know