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I don't think I'm Grok but I'm a huge fan of Mark's

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  • I don't think I'm Grok but I'm a huge fan of Mark's

    I've been a subscriber to Mark's newsletter for quite some time. I never went Grok but about a month ago I pulled out the book "Life Without Bread" from my big pile of books ordered but never read. The book appears to turn our de facto, force-fed view of nutrition on its head. It's main point - cut the carbs! It's not saturated fat and cholesterol that are the problem, it's carbs. So, hearing that a low-carb diet can relieve acid reflux, I tried going on this diet. Indeed, eating very few carbs each day has rid me of acid reflux symptoms as well as being very gassy. Overall, I feel better too.

    It is extremely hard to find interesting things to eat. All I really eat are a variety of meats and some very nutritional vegetables. But it gets very, very boring. I'm also splitting the milk duties between 1% dairy milk (which I love more than water itself) and coconut milk.

    All over the internet, I see the "party line" being reiterated over and over: you must avoid animal fat, you have get your cholesterol down, blah, blah, blah, etc., etc., etc. It seems that everyone has bought into this nutritional model and the big beneficiary is Big Pharma through statin sales.

    According to the book I mentioned, there has never been a study that has correlated cholesteral levels or even saturated fat with heart disease. So, listening to the same, what I believe to be faulty advice, is very frustrating.

    I hope to learn a lot from these forums as well as contributing some of my experiences.

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    If you are going to drink milk, try to get used to whole. Skim, 1% and 2% generally contain dry milk. Can't find the references right now but I think the drying process does harmful things. Sorry to be so vague. Milk fat (from organic, pastured cows ideally) is good for you.
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      Thanks, Hedonist. I had been pondering this (switching to whole milk) for quite some time.


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        Welcome from anothe rnewbie! If you are having difficulty making your meals interesting, try branching out into flavour combinations you never would have thought of before. Make supper an experiment! For example, this past week, I prepared a crock-pot pork dish that used, for example, orange peel, root vegetables sauteed in butter (turnips, onion, carrots), whole clove and some other spices, and a small amount of port wine as the cooking liquid. It turned out very well and I never would have thought of it if I wasn't forcing myself to expand my repertoire from not being able to rely on grains as a filler side dish.
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          Originally posted by desertjedi View Post
          Thanks, Hedonist. I had been pondering this (switching to whole milk) for quite some time.
          Also, low-fat dairy spikes your insulin more than the full-fat variety.

          I find that my meals are much more tasty and interesting since I lost my fear of butter and bacon fat and started experimenting with new veggies and new recipes. I enjoy food much more now that half my plate isn't bland, grain-based filler.