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Newbie..1 month Primal now and discouraged. Advice anyone???

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  • Newbie..1 month Primal now and discouraged. Advice anyone???

    I have PCOS and have had issues with hormone imbalances since puberty. Iíve pretty much tried every diet out there with mixed results. I definitely find as I age (Iím 38) it is getting noticeably harder to shed excess weight. I am 5í8Ē and would like to get down to around 170lbs. I am currently around 205 fluctuating up and down by a few pounds. Feeling frustrated that I havenít seen any loss at all after a month of eating primally and even making adjustments based on what I have read in these blogs.

    The POSITIVE things Iíve seen since going primal: I had a period with minimal cramping, good mood, and it actually came about 4 weeks after my previous one. Iím pretty sure I felt myself ovulate last week and am experiencing mild PMS symptoms to indicate I will get a 2nd cycle ďon timeĒ. This is huge considering it was typical to go between 3 and 6 months in between periods prior to these dietary changes. I feel really good. I sleep better than before. I have a lot more energy and have stopped taking any medication for ADHD symptoms, because I feel able to focus well enough without them and HATE how they make me feel. SoÖÖ..I have LOTS of things to feel good about and to keep me motivated to stay the course.

    The NEGATIVE, I canít seem to lose anything. I have cut out all grains. After two weeks of no results I removed dairy. I donít seem to have any intolerance to it, but wondered if my insulin levels were affected by it. After another week with no results, I decided to strictly monitor my nut intake. I give myself Ĺ cup of walnuts/almonds per week. Still nothing, no change. I actually weighed in this morning more than when I started a month ago by a smidge. My partner is doing this with me and cheating at least her 20%. I am not cheating at all and prepare all our meals from scratch so I know what we are getting. I have had a few servings of fruits (maybe on 3 or 4 occasions I have had some blackberries Ö pretty much, I eat meats (that adhere to primal standards), eggs, vegetables (lots of salads with olive oil, vinegar dressing), and healthy fats. I donít eat large portions, I am fairly certain that I am consuming less calories (or maybe the same) as I was when I started. She has lost about 6 poundsÖme nothing 

    I am staying the course because I know health wise, I feel better. I am exercising, but Iíve always been fairly active. I play volleyball and softball weekly and have been fitting in Markís recommendations for body weight bearing exercises. I donít really notice my clothes fitting differently.

    Do I just need to be more patient? Should I start counting calories? I am going to make an appt. for my annual checkup, are there certain tests I should ask for to get more answers. I am not looking for a quick fix, but Iíd really like to have some hope that I can eventually reach a normal weight and be able to stay there by adopting this lifestyle.

    Any and all advice welcomeÖ Thank you and sorry for the novella!

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    You are getting the benefits, but I can understand your frustration at not losing any weight. Are you exercising? That was the key for me. And count your carbs for a few days, I try to keep mine under 30 an always under 50.
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      As you said yourself, you've been having hormone issues and done a lot of dieting shifts.
      It takes longer than one month to reset and heal for some of us. My husband is dropping weight like crazy on primal and I am not even though I also do not cheat and he does. He does a lot. I'm losing, but slowly and with some setbacks also due to hormones.

      Still, I think you are getting some strong positive results and you should focus on that. The weight loss will come, especially if you do add in an exercise component if needed. Feeling good is sexy too--the pounds will come off and just make you that much more fabulous in the end.
      Most importantly, don't give up and keep working the program!


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        I am excercising. I play softball 2 times per week (one practice and 1 game) and I play volley ball once per week. I do get at least the minimal 3 hours per week of slow exercise (probably a lot more) and I am bringing more weightbearing exercises into my routine...following the 21 day principal.

        I could "push myself" harder than I am. Maybe power walk more intensely a few times a week.

        I will really monitor my activities and see where I can improve. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.


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          Just keep following the plan as written in the book. Do not make any changes until you have been on the program for several months. Your body needs to heal itself. I would not even read the PCOS threads if I were you. When I started I ate up to 100 carbs a day, the PCOS threads will tell you go VLC right away.

          Good Luck.
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            I agree, do give it more time... for those with significant health issues it generally takes a longer to heal the body and metabolism before seeing any significant weight loss. It seems PCOS is generally responsive to primal and VLC initially. If you feel you have the energy for more low-level activity then go for it.
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              I would drop the fruit completely until you're at least halfway to goal. Fruit is healthy but still SUGAR........


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                i agree to avoid fruit, dairy, nuts for now .. and stick with it .. your body is adjusting and you are seeing some VERY positive results imho ... you just are waiting for the weight loss to kick in ... and you are probably building muscle with the excercise (remember that weighs more than fat) .. are you feeling stronger?
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                  ps- remember it takes some longer to let the body change ...
                  started at 310 July 23rd 2011 ... workin and workin!

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                    Hi - I would also say just hang in there, be patient, and enjoy the other benefits you're getting. I am in a similar situation - I have been primal for 2 months and have lost zero pounds. I am 5'10.5" and weigh 215 and am just stuck at that weight at the present. It has been extremely frustrating, especially reading all those incredible stories of people shedding weight. I have to admit, though, that I haven't been 100% primal, have struggled with staying low carb, and have had some binges, but on the plus side, I have't gained any weight either.

                    I started the leptin reset ( and that helped me tremendously in getting over carb cravings and to stop snacking. The leptin reset thread, under the "nutrition" tab, is helpful - there are other women like us who have a hard time losing weight. I think it's due to hormonal issues that in some cases leptin reset can help.

                    So right now I'm just focussing on the fact that I feel so much better on the primal diet . . . hope you can hang in there and find solutions for yourself.


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                      to GigiLaPatate ...

                      consider that some experts believe that the naughty stuff can stay in our systems 6-7 days .. so binging here and there is keeping you at square one ... i realize you may think its hard but its not, its a mind set .. if you want to lose weight you will, but you have to be strict.. read and research more about what these foods are doing to your body ... avoid them at all costs.. and focus more on lower carbs
                      started at 310 July 23rd 2011 ... workin and workin!

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                        I have also been primal past the 21 days and have not shed a single pound. I too was a bit discouraged but will keep on with this in the hopes that my body will eventually figure things out. My hormones on the other hand have been going nuts. Ive been spotting on and off and crave chocolate more than ever. However, I have noticed a difference in how my clothes fit - Im fairly short and curvy so any weight distrubution changes are highly noticable. I think for me exercise will help make the difference. that and lowering my stress, so maybe some yoga? i am going to try Mark's exercise plan to the T and see what happens. Maybe Vball and Softball (though great exercises) arent the kind of exercises that your body needs. I would add in the walking and sprinting as well as the weights. Best of luck to you -


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                          When I get discouraged, or the weight doesn't come off when I think it should, I tell myself "This is a lifestyle change, not an overnight fix". Keep it in your head that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy every little success, because you have achieved a lot so far in a month - the weight loss will come in time.
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                            I really, really recommend ( as mentioned by Mark Sisssons in the Blueprint book). I went Primal just before Xmas last year and although I reaped the health benefits immediately (no apnia, bloating, reflux etc) I didn't lose weight. However I started using the Fitday tool to record what I'd been eating and my activity level to measure calories in vs calories out. This has worked for me and I've lost 20lb since 28th December and I can see at the press of a button my progress.
                            The uncomfortable truth is that the only way to lose weight is to eat less calories and do more with a reduction of 1000 cals a daay equating to 2lb fat loss a week if you stick to the primal eating and exercise plan.


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                              I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your advice and words of encouragement. I am counting carbs (which I wasn't before) and without really changing very much, it is very easy to stay under 50g a day.

                              I am making some changes to my excercise routine and hopeing that the differences will help. I was sprinting a lot in softball and sand volleyball definitely demands some lower body strength, but I suspect my body is used to those things, so I am trying to change it up a bit. I am adding 3 days a week of karate (more a fitness class that does kick your butt) and taking the dogs for more walks.

                              I don't know what this leptin reset it, so I will have to look into that. I am actually just starting to feel like my clothes are fitting a little differently. I still haven't dropped below 203 but...I haven't seen 207 in a couple weeks, so maybe I am finally starting to lose. I'm pretty sure I'm in ketosis, and being exceedingly strict. The only indulgence I allow is two glasses of red wine per week.

                              No fruit of any kind.

                              I was hoping I would have a menstrual cycle on time again this month, but that is already not happening ...still waiting there, but overal, I still feel good. I don't honestly have any cravings or struggle with the diet part of things. I love to cook. I have been using a lot of the recipes in Mark's Quick Easy Primal cookbook and the website.

                              I think the hardest part is actually reading others success. It is disheartening when I can't figure out why I'm not getting similar results given the dedication and effort I am putting in.

                              I haven't tried fasting yet. Though I do skip meals sometimes unintentionally...just being busy, but I stop to eat something (primal) when I am feeling hunger.

                              I'm going to hang in there and I really do appreciate the words of encouragement. Especially hearing from others that are feeling good and committed despite not getting the immediate results others are seeing.