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Greetings from South Dakota!

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  • Greetings from South Dakota!

    Hey everyone! I've been lurking on the blog and forum for some time and figured I should probably join in on the fun. Here are a few things about me:

    1. I live on a SD cattle ranch. If you have beef questions, I'm your girl.
    2. I've always been short and chubby. Highest weight was 177.7. I've been maintaining in the 117-118 range since getting off hcg on Sept. 8. I have done 2 rounds.
    3. I found hcg on accident after gaining 10 lbs. just 2 months after my wedding Oct. 2010. The entire year I was engaged, I counted every calorie (ate 1,000-1,200/day), ran every day, competed in half marathons, did Insanity workouts and only lost 4 lbs. I ate a lot of low-fat yogurt, diet bars and Dt. Coke.
    4. Changing in size has changed me. I have struggled to see the new me, but I know she's there. I'm learning to deal effectively with peer pressure (I simply don't give in) and the criticism from my very large, very vocal family, who believes I now have an eating disorder.
    5. I write for a living. I mainly write for beef producers in ag publications. I published my first children's book, "Levi's Lost Calf" this summer (basically accomplished by the insomnia that hcg gave me! HA!)
    6. Leptin has changed my life. It no longer revolves around food. My cravings are practically non-existent. And, I feel great. I love the paleo/primal lifestyle!
    7. Still trying to tweak things toward better health. Struggle a little bit with depression and anxiety at times, but I'm learning to keep my cortisol levels in check. Studying up on my thyroid and tweaking things as I go.
    8. It can be very frustrating to add more supplements, spend lots of money on testing and still not feel well. I know I have some hormone things to tweak, and I'm well on my way. Any advice on this topic would be great!

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    my primal journal:


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      Thank yoU!