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  • Newbie from England :)

    Morning everyone!

    Its 9am here and this is my first serious day starting out Primal! I say serious as I have tried this concept before but to little avail. A few years ago I bought a series of 'caveman' meals which come fresh and ready prepared to your door. I had a really demanding job and had no time so thought it might be the best way to transistion, but it did not work out well at all and i just ended up eating the meals, and more besides of what i would normally eat!

    So i had been following weight watchers (dun dun derr i know, stupid really, full of sugar and salt and high carb low fat foods) when my friend in sweden told me about how he'd been eating for the past year and how it had helped him no end. So for the past few weeks i've been looking into paleo living and came accross marks daily apple. I really like his style and there seems to be so much information and support here that I bought the 21 day transformation book and downloaded the readers recipies

    I had started last week...twice! You see the first day seems fine for me but wheni get to the second day my cravings are just insane and i feel weak and shakey and like im going to pass out. So i tried to start this new way of living twice last week and failed twice as i ended up giving into temptation and eating a mass of cake, which i wouldn't normally eat anyway, to stop the shakes.

    So this week i'm determined to get it right and push through this stupid carb craving. I know its obviously a sign of all the carb abuse my body has taken over the years so i know it will do me good. I have suffered from hypoglycemia, all kinds of illnesses from glandular fever to ecoli and multiple water infections every month, so it's just got to that time to change. I'm 28, and for my 29th birthday i want to be free from those horrible health problems and processed carb symptoms, and start living healthily again.

    I usedto rock climb and theres a new center opened up near to me so my goal is to start climing there and also to walk every day!

    Anyway, that's me

    If there's any fellow UK primalites on here it would be good to hear where you shop and any good starting advice you have?

    Hello to everyone and i hope your all having a wonderful primal day. Im excited and looking forwards to this adventure and freedom!

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    Hi, I live in Sussex and have been Primal for 5 weeks now. It's going much better than I thought, despite cooking 'normal' meals for the rest of the family. I cook less composite meals now so the carb element can be left out for my plate. I think what has helped me is to have a high protein breakfast and always have suitable snacks in my bag when on the run. I am actually amazed at how much better I feel, and though I still feel guilty eating butter, cream and fat ... it does seem to be working! I am definitely in this for the long term and hope to persuade my husband to join me by example!

    Good luck.

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      Hi, Im in Norfolk and been Paleo about 6 weeks now though I have been gluten free for over 20 years.
      Weight swinging up and down but when Marks book arrives I'll read that and see where Im going wrong.
      I'm not a complete idiot! There's parts missing!!


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        Hi, I'm in that Yorkshire

        I'd personally advise going slowly into primal eating if you are going to give in to cake. We stated off eating primal evenig meals, then cutting out bread, the plan was then to cut out pasta, then rice and oats, but we quickly found we were not wanting the grains and in less than two weeks we were pretty much 90% primal (budget allowing) we still have peanuts, dairy (only really milk in tea, but we do have cream, sour cream, soft cheese, greek yogert, etc etc) and occasional pulses in chillis, houmous and the lentils in soup, but far less than I thought we would have.

        I now find I don't want and don't like cake and grain food, and infact I tried a tiny bit of white chocolate (less than 1/4 of a square) as my little on had some and it was sooooooo sweeet if freaked me out and I had to spit it out and wash my mouth out with the jucie from the tinned toms we'd had with tea, and I used to be a total sugar addict untill 3 weeks ago.

        So good luck and you will feel better once you are off the grains
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          I'm from Suffolk, and visit about once a year .... I live in Texas now To help combat the shakes make sure you are eating enough food. Fill up on lots of green leafy vegetables, protein and good fats (coconut oil, olive oil, real butter, avocado etc ...). If you are having still having issues consider eating more sweet potatoes ...
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            I'm from swindon, living in cardiff atm, only been primal for a few days really but really excited about what this diet can do for me, im not overweight, just sick of feeling terrible all the time!
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              Hey, I've done paleo about 9 months (in London). Unless you have medical reasons not to (like kidney disease) anyone starting out would benefit from eating decent amounts of fat (so you're not starving), some added salt and magnesium supplements. Arguably potassium too, but eat your greens and avocado and you'll get it. As you lower your fasting insulin through lower carb intake and use up glycogen stores more you lose fluid (hence the rapid weight loss) and electrolytes with it. If you take care of the things above it's so much easier, as a lot of the crappy feeling at the start is down to that shift. After a few weeks you're back in equilibrium and ready to kick arse! (magnesium citrate is a cheap and effective type on amazon, magnesium oxide like in holland and barrett isn't absorbed well).
              Very dark chocolate like Lindt 90% was good for carb cravings for me.
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                Hey everyone! Thanks for the replies! Its good to see there are so many other paleo brits on here

                I've managed to make my way through the dreaded day two by doing an hour lightly (heart rate at 55-75%) on the elliptical trainer yesterday. I think i am snacking quite a bit but for the first time today i woke up without being absolutely starving! I am eating about 2 pieces of fruit per day but i've been monitoring my micro-nutrients on that fitday website and it seems my carb intake is about 60-80 grams per day so that's still in what Mark calls the sweet spot!

                My only question is how does everyone measure their body fat? As it seems to me that if you know your body fat you can work out how much protein you should be eating everyday. Although i have to say i don't know if i can be bothered to measure all my protein as one of the reasons i starting eating this way was to stop obsessing over food and start enjoying what i eat, without binging that it! The thing is that i have a set of scales that are saying that my body fat has gone down from 23% to 17% in just a few days, but when i used the Navy body fat calculator from a link on here, it said that my body fat was 25% so i'm a little confused! haha

                I just want to make sure im getting it right

                Other than that i am quite enjoying it, albeit this only being my third day! I start a new job next week so it will be interesting and a challenge to see if i can eat primal on the go and surrounded by city center foodaries.

                Lovely to hear from you all! BTW, sorry for the delay in reply but i didn't get a notification that anyone had replied to my post, haha, how do i do that?




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                  Hi there from Edinburgh.

                  I've been eating primal since mid November and after a slow start, am feeling great on it although my weightloss is slow.

                  If you're feeling shaky or craving carbs, then eating some fat is a good'll pass in no time and you'll start to feel great too.

                  Good luck


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                    I really don't bother measuring food in any way shape or form, I just stick roughly to the primal pyramid, I eat when hungry till I'm satisfied, but sometimes skip breakfast. I've lost 4 inches off my gut and just over a stone in less than a month.
                    I really don't think it's worth getting hung up over numbers % body fat etc unless things really arn't working, like no weight loss/size loss over a couple of weeks. I reckon when I can see my abs I've got low enough body fat and when I can spend a day playing I'm fit enough
                    You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................