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  • Newcomer from The Midwest!

    Hi all,
    I'm a 30 year old husband and father. Like a lot of others I have gone on and off diets since I was 18 or so. Occassionally, I would also add in exercise to the mix. Within 6-7 months, i would quit whatever diet I was on. Then, I would go back to eating processed garbage. I am not an overly heavy guy and never have been. Instead, I'm pretty skinny fat with very little muscle or definition.

    I started again this January with some basic bodyweight exercises and trying to up my protein but didn't really have a plan of attack. I was keeping my protein at about 0.7g per lb. of bodyweight and my carbs hovered around 150/day because I was told I had to have carbs to put on significant muscle. Thank god for this site and Mark Sisson. I can't wait to see how I progress with my new lifestyle. Yes, I'm viewing this as a lifestyle and not a diet. I'm hoping I can finally shed this bike tire from my lower abdomen, tone up, add some strength, muscle and lead a new healthy, happy life. Cheers to you all!