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Saying hello - new to MDA and PB

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  • Saying hello - new to MDA and PB

    Hey everyone. New to MDA and PB.

    Been doing crossfit for about 4 months and love it. Plateaued with my weight loss a few months back (prior to CF I was doing regular cardio since January 2009), and I was reading that crossfitters were doing something called the 'Paleo Diet'. I googled it and found Mark's book. Ordered it on Amazon, got it last week and ...well, here I am. Started the nutrition portion on Sunday morning so its been 5 full days now.

    About 10 years ago I had temporary success with Atkins, but after 2 years i couldn't do it anymore and each time I would try to go back, I couldn't last more than a day or two. This last week on PB has been so much easier than I thought possible, probably because of the information behind why I should be doing it, plus having fruit (and ..ahem...a few squares of dark chocolate -72%- after dinner). Its been 5 days and down almost 5 pounds.

    I live in Santa Monica, CA - and lucky that I get to ride my bike to work... um... what else... Oh, I had NO idea about where to even BUY grass-fed beef, let alone that it even existed (or that there was a difference). Farmer's market down the street from my house! Pretty darn amazing stuff!

    I think my co-workers are going to get tired of hearing about PB soon...

    Anyway, that's it for now. Love reading all the different forum posts as I try to find answers for my gazillion questions.



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    Welcome Adam. It's always great to see new people join the lifesyle.


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