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Starting, new, a little scared

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  • Starting, new, a little scared

    I'm a 30something lady, shifting my diet more and more to paleo, mostly because I deal with being very overweight (5'5", 200lbs) and with having an autoimmune thyroid disorder.

    Today I am starting with a regular daily goal of less than 75-100grams/carbs eaten. I am choosing to get those carbs from vegetables, fruit, and occasional dark chocolate/wine. The rest of my food will largely be eggs, beef, and chicken.

    I want to be honest about something -- I'm SCARED. I'm scared that eating so much meat and fats will be unhealthy for me.

    I am trying this regardless, because what I have been doing (counting calories, eating low fat) has obviously not been working. I struggle to lose weight, I'm low energy, and I have low physical resillience. I do find fat to be more satiating but find the prospect of ketosis scary, bucking conventional wisdom scary.

    I am continuing because of the amazing results I see from others, because my father did something similar and IT WORKED! Because this current way is not working.

    Any tips for a someone who is a little too scared of fatty foods?

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    hey, in the words of WWI flying ace eddie rickenbacker, "courage is doing what you're afraid to do. there can be no courage unless you're scared." so you're being courageous!

    your approach to this sounds very reasonable. my advice would be to get the hang of eating this way, making the change, before focusing on the weight loss. small steps.

    another thing to clear up, you likely will not be in ketosis. not at that (healthy) level of carbs. which is fine! but when you do cut out carbs to an extent, you need to replace them with another kind of caloric fuel, or you'll start to feel bad. fat is that fuel. start with fats that might not seem so abhorrent to you right off the bat. like avocado, olive oil, salmon, macadamia nuts or coconut. you don't have to jump straight in to fatty cuts of steak and butter and cream. that will come in time