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    Hello all,

    Been reading here for a few days now and decided to join the forum. It's a long story, but I am not currently in charge of what food is made available to me to eat. Whenever possible I make the choice that is most primal (based on my newbie knowledge level). Next week I will be home and plan on going feral on my pantry and freezer, replacing the crap with Grok-worthy delights - becoming fully primal.

    Here is my story and current situation:

    I am 47. When I was a young man I was quite athletic, and I kept it up into my mid 30s. On my 35th birthday I finished a 100-mile bicycle ride. Somewhere after that I became less active and the pounds started piling on. By age 40 I was ~20 pounds overweight. Then the meds started.

    First there was the statin. I started to gain weight faster. Next came one specifically for triglyceride control. The weight kept coming. Add one for blood pressure. Add a second one for blood pressure. Seven years later and I am now 70 pounds overweight. While I take overall responsibility for getting in this condition, I am utterly convinced these medications have played a significant role in wrecking my metabolism. I need to drop the weight and get off these meds before I turn into a corpse with doctor-approved blood statistics.

    I don't think the eating change will prove too traumatic for me. My brother turned me onto gluten-free eating about 18-months ago (ending my 20-year affair with tagamet/zantac/pepcid/prilosec). I may be deluded, but it doesn't seem like skipping potatoes, rice, and legumes will be that tough. I'd rather eat a piece of flank steak or grilled chicken breast anyway. My biggest challenge will be finding the energy at the end of the day to skip the wine, get out of the recliner and DO SOMETHING.

    Thanks for reading. Hope to post on my progress until 2080.
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    Good Luck! We'll be here to support you.
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