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out with the old bloated whale feeling, in with the new cavewoman!

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  • out with the old bloated whale feeling, in with the new cavewoman!

    SO I'm not sure about this whole thing but it makes sense when it is explained, so when I try new things I like to give them a fair chance and put 110% in because that's the only way to go when your trying new things, or at least for myself. Starting it off, I'm a 20yr old female, first year nursing student, and that whole "freshman fifteen" that everyone is talking about, ya I don't think so, not on my watch anyways! SO in september when I started to I became a gym junkie (eating carbs because, my gosh, I needed the fuel from them yea no idea what I was thinking but it's what everyone told me to do, you can guess how well that worked for me..) and on a serious note, what university student has time to hit the gym for 2+ hours a night to avoid the freshmen 15.. sure if i wanted to be a christmas graduate. Low and behold, one day during lecture I became obsessed with pintrest (I had to stay awake somehow), came across a paleo recipe site which led me here anndd I think I'm hooked or at least I hope!

    I wouldn't call myself "overweight" do I have some excess pounds.. SURE DO! Ha but I'm 5'10 and 168pounds last time I checked, but I feel like complete sh*t (or should I keep it PG and say poop.. you get the point), most of the time so I'm doing this for the sake of turning over a new leaf and feeling better, living life to the fullest and hey, if I turn into a lean, strong cavewoman in the process that's just an added bonus! I have been trying for about a month now to cut out wheat because, well i feel like straight out "poop" when I eat it. Anywho, being a nursing student, sure am living at home with family members whom are not doing the whole primal lifestyle with me, may pose some difficulty, but I am pretty motivated to stick to it because I want to sleep through the night and wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and be like "BAM good morning you toned, muscular cavewoman, you!".. not sluggishly press snooze three times then drag myself to get ready, also considering I don't want to live my life hiding in my house in stretchy pants(girl's you all know what I mean with the "stretchy pants", for you boys just think as far from tight as possible.. cute huh NAAAT so much, but hey I'm working on it here people!!) because I ate pasta, bread etc. because lets be truthful here, carbs are good but they are not thaaatt good. And plus I find when I eat wheat products and dairy my face breaks out.. bad. Seriously hoping this clears it up, so any advice anyone can give me is more then welcome!!
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    Welcome RosalynS! You are gonna love this lifestyle!
    I think the first noticeable difference I saw in the mirror was my skin! With in about a week, it was clear and glowing- GLOWING I tell you! My "break-outs" now consist of the occasional one small pink spot. It's awesome.
    The energy and mood stability (once you get through a bit of carb flu) are amazing. I read books while riding my recumbent bike for relaxation now... moving just feels good!
    You don't have to be sick to get better.
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