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So excited to find this lifestyle

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  • So excited to find this lifestyle

    Hi everyone --

    I felt I needed to express myself about this lifestyle and how thankful I am to find it. I've been on it for about two weeks now and am already seeing so many changes. I hit my goal weight super fast after weeks of trying with no change. I feel better and more alert.

    I really didn't notice how drastic the changes were until some friends came over and brought some 'normal' food with them: chips and salsa and pie. I tried a little bit and it immediately struck me how fake and chemical-like everything tasted. My husband is doing this with me and had some of the apple pie they brought. Same reaction. And of course, we felt physically awful after eating those things. So now, we don't even crave the sweets/snacks that we once used to. And that's amazing.

    And another discovery, we went out to dinner with family and, though I got food that was primal, I drank two sodas without thinking about it, like the old me would do. And that's why I'm now awake at 1:50 in the morning typing this. Caffeine effects me now and it never used to. I don't know if this has happened to anybody else, but it's crazy.

    To sum it up, this has changed my life already in just two weeks. I won't be going back. This week I plan to get a pedometer and see how much I can crank up the steps.