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    Hello, I got introduced to Paleo on accident from watch Doug McGuff at the 21 Convention online. From there I couldn't get enough information. Then I found Mark right afterwards. Very amazing stuff indeed. I'm glad I have a butcher right down the road from me and he is very open to new things. I have a question though switching from grains to veggies and things what is the best thing to use for like a hamburger? I bought a lettuce head and it just doesn't peal good. Do they make like a 'Lettuce Pocket' somewhere? I did see romaine lettuce pieces that can be made to make any type of sandwich and figure i'll try that route next time. Hope to learn a lot from here. Thank you for reading.

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    Lettuce can be great for making hamburgers and "sandwiches" (especially butter lettuce), but here is my advice for the best Primal experience- Stop looking for substitutes. Just enjoy what you've got- if that's a burger patty on a bed of veggies, grand. There are some good sub recipes out there- pancakes, granola, cakes, even sandwich breads, but it's really easy to overeat those things. They are okay every once in a while, but just keep it simple- get used to it that way and love it that way, and this lifestyle will stay sustainable for you.
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      I'll have to look for butter lettuce thank you. I just wanted to eat it with my hands instead of a fork is all haha.


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        Originally posted by Starwind View Post
        I'll have to look for butter lettuce thank you. I just wanted to eat it with my hands instead of a fork is all haha.
        I eat salad and meat with my hands all the time! I don't think my wife will let me do it in public but at home it's a different story. Just dig in and wash up when you are finished.


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          Um, I'm with Starwind.
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