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Harder for woman in her 40s?

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  • Harder for woman in her 40s?

    My husband started down the primal lifestyle in December 2010 and immediately shed pounds, felt better, eliminated allergies and sinus infections. He has lost 25 pounds and is happier and in better shape than ever.

    I changed some things last year but really went primaly more strickly almost 3 weeks ago. In that time I have gained a pound or two! It is driving me nuts.

    Are there differences bewteen how quickly men and women's bodies react? Is it harder for a woman who is likley pre-menopausal?

    Also, how do other women get through the sweet/chocolate cravings?

    Thanks for advice and encouragement.

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    Women do tend to lose slower than men. I'm not sure if that's hormones or the fact that a woman just naturally has more fat than a man. Don't know. And age doesn't help either.

    Hang in there. I'm 47 and it will kick in. I didn't have a whole lot to lose (about 30 pounds), but I definitely lost inches when I didn't see any change in the scale.


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      I'm curious about this, too! Do women 40 and over have to do a lot more as far as activity to make up for a sluggish metabolism or hormones?


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        My experience has been that the crazy hormonal changes at this time of life can cause bingeing issues. I am 44 and have been Primal for 16 months. I have lost around 65 lbs at this point, but have been stalled for about six months. This has been due to up to 5 days of binges during that time of the month. I have tried many things. What has worked best is clean paleo eating, no dairy, no artificial sweeteners, no processed meats. I supplement magnesium and evening primrose oil for this problem as well.

        If you are on Facebook, check out Dean Dwyer. I just asked the paleo ladies what their best strategies are for eating clean throughout their cycle.

        Good Luck! I would suggest reading the journals of some of the MDA ladies. A lot of great advice can be found there.
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          Welcome! I just hit my 2 month anniversary, with a week sort of 50/50 primal between xmas and new years... Yes, if you are a woman and over 40 you will not get the snappy, seemingly effortless results of some of these 25 year old guys. But that doesnt mean you wont see and feel dramatic changes! You've already gotten a lot of good advice. Keep a tape measure handy: that will show you the results of your lifting heavy things and sprinting now and then. Use a pair of 'skinny pants' from the back of the closet too: they will give you a good idea of how you are contouring between those cardinal measure points. Only eat when you are hungry, because that will naturally lead you toward the occasional IF... and just keep plugging away! I don't lose weight in a linear way. I seem to always hover (HATE the word 'plateau'!) at one weight and then drop a few pounds like tumbling down stairs, then repeat. And remember that the closer you get to a healthy weight goal the slower you might see those final pounds move. Almost everybody's weight moves up and down a few pounds daily. That doesnt mean any actual fat has been gained or lost in such a short time. I've lost 16 pounds, but in a very herky-jerky way. There were weeks I felt frustrated too. I try not to get mad or impatient at myself or the program. I'm convinced there's a wise old crone at the controls in each of us and she's the one keeping us ladies alive longer in the actuarial tables! I try really hard to embrace that conservatism as a positive. I may not change quickly, but with persistence I can change profoundly. And besides, we need the extra time for our skin to shrink... right? Best wishes to you... xoL
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            PS: I eat 10-15 grams of the most luscious, decadent, darkest chocolate money can buy each and every evening. No cravings; just anticipation!


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              Darn guys and their stupid testosterone always lose faster!
              I also think that women tend to eat more carefully anyway so sometimes they don't see as dramatic results as when a guy switches his crappy guy-diet to Primal.

              I'm 43 and I could definitely lose 10-15 more pounds, but I'm still tweaking things to find out what I need to do and working on being consistent. I lose so slowly that it's easy to undo any gains.
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