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Brand new newbie questions about fitness and diet! :)

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  • Brand new newbie questions about fitness and diet! :)

    I am 41 years old, female, 5'2", and recently weighed in (after the holidays) at 144 (yikes!). That's a couple pounds heavier than my standard weight of 138 or so that I've stayed at for the last six years or so (which is still heavy for me). I have not found that magic lifestyle that I can live with AND get down to an ideal weight yet. I do love chocolate and wine and er...cake. Over the month of January I lost maybe ONE pound until I was down to 143 or so, but was doing "chronic cardio" (lots of running) and still felt flabby and bloated and the weight did not seem to be going down as much as I would have thought. I had been watching what I eat, but I was having a few bad eating days that sometimes involved binging on bad-for-me things like m&ms.

    Basically I'm ready for an overhaul of lifestyle, both with eating and exercising.

    I knew I needed to get rid of sugar and flour from my diet, so for the last six days I have been doing the Atkins diet. The problem with this is that I'm lactose intolerant and the extra cheese I've eaten this week is resulting in a weird upper abdomen bloating that is really disconcerting and uncomfortable and all the water drinking in the world isn't solving it. So now I know I need to drop dairy, too.

    All I've been doing the last week or so is a 30 minute walk (as far as exercise). I'm a COMPLETE newbie when it comes to other kinds of exercise.

    I love the exercise simplicity of Paleo (I have Mark's 21 days book). However, is the chin-up bar really necessary to get or are there alternate exercises that can emulate the muscle development that the chin up exercises gives you? I honestly have no exercise equipment at home besides some 5 pound weights and a yoga mat and I'm sort of afraid to buy a chin up bar for fear that I would not set it up right and bring the whole door frame down with my weight, LOL.

    Thank you for listening!

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    As another new person that is still learning everything I think its really important to get the food right then the exercise. If you live in an area that isnt having a crappy winter right now, then go outside for a walk. If you cant go outside, find a gym or indoor track or even a mall. I noticed that I lost the most weight (11 lbs) when I first started Primal in May just by cutting out all the crap I was eating before. The next thing I will invest my money in is a pair of Vibram shoes. Best of luck.


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      Thank you, PrimalJenn,

      Yes, the diet will be a significant thing to get used to! I actually did have a very nice walk outdoors today! I LOVE the mild winter we've been having this year. I have been able to be outside so much more this winter than in the past and I know that's contributing to a better mood overall!