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  • Finding my inner Grok...

    Hello all, new to the Primal plan, but I have worked in the fitness world for 25 years. I am embarrassed to say that I am an unhealthy professional martial artist. Ugh. Even admitting that hurt. For many years, training 15-20 hours a week in martial arts kept me in "fighting shape." However, as I aged, I have been dealing with creeping weight gain, slow healing injuries, the whole sad story.

    In 2009, I realized that at 5'10" 230, I did not look or feel the part of a Master artist. Unacceptable to one as competitive as I am. I knew that eating the CW way was the culprit, but did not have the information to stop the issues. I started working the Atkins plan, and had great success. I lost 51lbs in about 6 months and only added a daily 3 mile walk to my workout plan. All was well, so I, of course, got off the wagon and over the last two years, have stuck to a strict by the dreaded food pyramid eating plan. Needless to say, in January 2012, I found myself back over 200. Ick.

    Meanwhile, a martial artist friend I had not seen in a while came to my attention. This young man, when I saw him last Summer was 5'10" and about 230. I had followed his progress on Facebook, and as of two weeks ago, he is below 170. It was through him I learned of the Primal community. Thanks, Steven! My instructor would say that a Master who cannot learn from his students is no Master at all.

    So, on January 17, 2012, at 217.9lbs, I embraced my inner Grok. I think all this time, I intuitively knew this was the way to eat and train, but was stuck in the CW. Happy to say that I find this lifestyle completely sustainable, and I look forward to a long life following Grok's footsteps.


    BTW: As of today, I am 205.1

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    Grok on mrshinyhead! Welcome!
    You don't have to be sick to get better.
    Female, 31 years old, 5'8"
    Primal start: 1/2/2012
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    Living, loving and learning.


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      Haha! Also Grok on!
      I found myself in a similar situation. I tried over and over and over again eating the CW way, with small meals and low fat "nutri-grain" waffles, steamed chicken breasts and veggies with minimal sauces. It was awful. I was never able to stay on it. I wasn't happy. Now, I eat fatty chicken thighs swimming in coconut curry sauce, bacon, eggs, pork chops, heavy creamy soups and big ass salads with lots of fresh toppings and delicious oily dressing. My cravings are gone. My eating disorder....its like it never happened. My injured ankle feels better than ever. I've lost 6 lbs and 2" off my waist in 2 weeks. This is what my body always wanted. Now, I want to go outside and play. I want to walk the dog.
      Isn't it great?!
      January 14th-306.2
      January 21st, lost 2" off my waist.
      January 30th-300.2

      Come to the edge she said.
      No, I'll fall.
      Come to the edge.
      No, it's too high.
      Come to the edge.
      I came
      She pushed
      And I flew


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        Grok on Grasshopper...
        Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!