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Some questions, exclamations, and venting from a newbie!

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  • Some questions, exclamations, and venting from a newbie!

    Hey Folks,

    I'm brand new to the forum and am still pretty new to MDA. I made the decision to go Primal 30 days ago (had bought the book "The Paleo Diet for Athletes" by Joe Friel and Loren Cordain about 3 years ago...), but only found MDA about 1-2 weeks into the whole thing. There is SO MUCH info here, it's a little overwhelming!!! Received my PB earlier this week and have already begun to dig into it, which has been great. are my vents, exclamations and questions, in no particular order (I just really needed a place to get this out, and am looking for some positive words and similar stories). I apologize it's long, but my 'vents' have a little background to them all.

    1. I LOVE being Primal! Foodwise, it has been the most awesome thing. I wasn't really a carb or sugar junkie before, so it was pretty easy. We live in Sonoma County, CA and have very easy access to fresh meat, veggies and fruit - the transition was pretty seamless. The eating part has been the easiest thing overall because I really do feel better and am so enjoying all of the good fats and meats and fish (and hello, crab season around here is awesome!).

    2. THAT said - I've had some very mild frustration with the weight/fat loss. I am looking for encouragement and words of wisdom from those who have had a slower journey. It seems like I read a lot on here from folks who have lost a lot of weight/fat in the first 30 days, but I don't seem to see a lot about slower progression. (FYI I've lost about 6-7 lbs over the last 3 weeks.)

    Here's just a bit of background: I am a former competitive triathlete and bike racer, and am about 20 lbs heavier than when I was at my peak shape about 4.5 years ago. So I know that after 30 days, it would be silly to have lost a ton of weight. I still have a lot of muscle. I still swim, bike and run. I teach 3 spin classes a week. So my weight gain had a lot to do with the foods I was consuming and the fact that I wasn't training 10-20 hrs a week. I KNOW this is going to be a slow journey and I don't ever want to go back to the type of athletic fatigue I experienced before. It was all wrong and I'm so happy to be going in the right direction now.

    I just wonder how other former "Chronic Cardio" people have done with all of this. Would love any and all stories!

    3. On the topic of "Chronic Cardio": I'm having a tough time transitioning over to the exercise rules, more specifically "Move slowly." As I mentioned, I teach spin 3x/week. I like to teach on the bike, but it's very hard to keep the effort "slow." We have a lot of fun in there and I find my heart rate easily getting into the 150-170 range, which is my lactate threshold and up zones. I also am an avid cyclist and I love my cycling community. On my bike ride last weekend, it was tough to keep my effort low, especially when I was having fun with friends and pushing to the top of the hill for a little fun competition. I want to do a century ride later this year, not for any reason other than I love where we live and I love to see Marin and Sonoma counties by bike. I love being on my bike. I have no desire to race again, but do enjoy my weekly rides with friends and an occasional sprint to the city limit sign.

    So...I guess I want to hear from folks who were already pretty active and how they adjusted to their new Primal lifestyle. I guess you could say "stop teaching spin" but I'm not ready to give that up yet. I absolutely love the community and inspiring folks to get out on their real bikes and explore the outdoors.

    I think that's all. My apologies for the long-winded post. I can't get over the incredible stories, the interesting people, and support throughout this entire forum and website! Originally this was about going Paleo based on the Friel/Cordain book but now I see it's about so much more. I'm so excited for this new way to live my life!

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    I'm a little different type of "chronic cardio". I read utility meters for a living, so 5 or 6 days a week I walk around outside for anywhere between 10 and 20 miles a day. In the summer (115F) it's pretty rough. Today was steep hills for 7 hour straight, so that really sucked.

    I think it has been one of the biggest reasons why it has been so hard to lose the last 5 or so pounds, so for me what I changed was my thinking. Honestly, the best move for me was to accept that, at age 47 and a chronic cardio job, I was going to have a very small rounding of the belly while still being quite healthy and retaining my muscle.

    Maybe not the advice you were looking for, but something to consider along with all of the dietary and exercise advice that will probably follow.


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      Rita -
      Just wanted to say actually, I really appreciated your input. That's exactly the kind of feedback I wanted to hear, so thank you!!!!

      And honestly - I'd take a 'chronic cardio' job over one that's sitting at a desk all day - even on the hard days.

      All the best to you!


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        You say it took 4.5 years to gain 20lbs and you think losing 6-7lb in 3 weeks is slow!! Read any health journal/book you like and they will say 1-2lb a week is a good loss. Don't stress it.
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          Often those who have less to lose take longer. You sound like you're not far from your goal. I find it can help to think in terms of percentage of body weight--for someone who's at 150 pounds, a 15-pound loss represents 10% of their body weight. For someone who's at 300, 30 pounds is the same amount of loss proportionate to the starting point. Add to that the fact that as the body gets into a healthy weight range, it will tend to hold onto the remaining fat more, plus the reality that carb restriction seems to be most effective for those who have a fair bit to lose, and you can see why it takes people longer to drop weight as they get close to their goal.

          You're seeing progress, so you're obviously on the right track. Don't worry too much about how fast it's happening as long as you're seeing some change--if you stall out, then that's time to play around a bit and see what will help from there.
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            I agree with those that say not to sweat your weight loss...You realize that if you lost 6 pounds in the past three week and you only have 20 to lose that's 30%!?!? That's awesome and despite the numbers looking smaller you're on par with some of the fastest losers on here...30% of your goal in 3 weeks is awesome!

            Also, with you being so close to your goal you'll probably slow down some more...Enjoy the lifestyle and the food freedom and changes in the way you feel and the weight will come off...Something else to keep in mind is that your athletic peak weight may be different than your peak maintenance weight...Just a thought.
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              Great advice here. I really hadn't thought about those 6-7 lbs in the context you guys have put them in, so thanks for the reality check!!!

              Really appreciate the thoughts and tips.


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                2lbs a week eating good tasty food....I'll take some of
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                  Hi Sarah. Welcome! It sounds like you know the answer about weight and just needed to vent. That's cool. Don't worry about length. We don't have to read. And you broke your post into paragraphs and bullets, unlike some who come and give us a stream of consciousness novel.

                  As long as you are having fun and doing lots of varied activities, don't worry. Just keep on taking care of yourself. Mark would probably do physical activities 60 hours/week if he could. The danger of chronic cardio is that it can turn into "rat on a wheel." But you are beyond that.
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