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Getting back on the saddle

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  • Getting back on the saddle

    Hey all, new guy here and I am very interested in this whole Paleo/Primal deal. So much so that tonight my wife and I are attending the 'Primal Blueprint Transformation Seminar' in Portland. To be honest I have been rather lazy and she has been doing most of the leg work and has been reading the books, blogs and forums for a while, whereas I was in denial thinking I was still in the same shape I was in after leaving the Army over 10 years ago.

    Anyhow, these feelings of being out of shape and my body falling apart are not what I expected at 35 years of age, so my wife has been telling me about all this great stuff and getting me pumped up to start this next chapter of my life and get back in the saddle driving my health and not sitting by the sidelines watching others race by...