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Starting 21 day transformation tomorrow, any tips?

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  • Starting 21 day transformation tomorrow, any tips?

    So turn the way back machine to forever and think of when you started your Primal Journey...

    I'm starting the 21 Day Transformation tomorrow. Today I'm cleaning out my kitchen and pantry and heading to the store tomorrow morning for groceries to replace what I've tossed, not to mention simply get things I've probably never gotten before.

    A little background on me: I'm a 10 year vet who has pretty much eaten anything put in front of me. I used to burn 6k+ calories a day operating in a desert with 100lbs+ of equipment on me at any time. I turn 30 next week and have been out of the military for about a year. Now it may seem like I'm getting old enough to make decisions on my own, but I went to boot camp less than a month after accepting my diploma in High School. I actually started training with the recruiters when I was 16 years old, so needless to say almost 50% of my 30 years of life has been military driven. Now that I'm on my own I find that I'm a nutritional moron. I spent several years doing Muay Thai, Kashima Shin-Ryu Jujutsu (a VERY old jujutsu) and Kodokan Judo. I used to do a lot of mountain climbing, biking, hiking, snow boarding, and anything else risky enough to break a bone. For the last year I have been a lazy, SAD eating, fat american. I recognize this happens to a lot of vets, and I can't let this happen to me. I got over the woe is me and my life sucks mentality from the war over the last year and am ready to get back on track.

    That said, I started training for a marathon, opened my own business that is prospering quite well, started the Dave Ramsey get out of debt plan (will be debt free in less than 3 months), and I'm happening to life now rather than life happening to me. My last great step is rearing my stomach and getting back on track so my marathon wont be such a challenge, I can start my martial arts again, and just not look like a shape so resembling a circle (I used to have abs yall). I just want to be the me that was great rather than the me barely recognizable as human. I'm making very progressive steps and I'm committing to this primal swing. I understand that after this first month I may have to make some adjustments for all the activity (80/20 plan) but for this first 21 days I want to go 100% primal and see how it feels at the end of the month. I figure I would stay 100% and introduce healthy carbs as I need them to achieve my goals.

    Anyway, knowing all this about me, (considering 2 out of 4 meals I ate every day was fast-food), any tips for someone who is taking a plunge? I'm very much a rip the band-aid off kind of guy, I've always flipped the switch rather than turned the dial so to speak, so I'm ready for this. I just need some input.

    What did you do to help your transformation off pop and fast food? What helped you stave the sugar and bad fat cravings? What sort of drinks did you drink for flavour? Any general input would be great as well. I make that first trip to the store tomorrow (and found that I'm literally replacing 75% of my kitchen, it was that bad). And since I used to eat out upwards of 10 times a week I know I need more food now (but that will help with my debt free goals as well). Anyway, any tips would be great.

    Thanks guys!

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    FYI, my favourite types of foods:
    Tuna Salid
    Chicken and Rice Casserole
    Pulled Pork and anything BBQ
    Grilled and Pan Seared Fish
    Cold Cut Sandwiches
    LOVE Spicy chicken and Stir fry

    Anyway, if that helps to see what kind of stuff I like to eat when I'm actually getting of the couch to make food. I found that since I started training again, I've lost about 6lbs of weight, and MAYBE .5% body fat. I'm currently 210lbs and between 25-30% body fat (I don't really look it, but from all my calculations it's where I'm at, so I'm not really obese, and you probably wouldn't even know I'm composed that way if you looked at me, but I am)

    Anyway, if that helps at all...


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      Plan your tasty food, and make sure you look forward to eating it!

      Going on the hunt to find the right stuff becomes a fun mission and not a chore.. and every time you are tempted by the EVil Foods, just imagine a big juicy steak !!

      Have some harmelss stuff available for snacks ( even a bit of cheddar cheese) and THROW OUT the old stuff.

      Good luck !


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        Welcome and good luck. I eased into this way of eating so I'm not much help. I just wanted to say, thanks for serving. You clearly have the motivation to do this after what you have been through.
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          I think people like you have the easiest time transitioning to primal, because you can follow instructions and exercise commitment, which are far far and away the biggest reasons people fail on primal.

          Just make it your mission. You accomplish your missions. Everything else is a detail.
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            Hi, Im also a vet starting out on this journey. I have to say that one thing i was not expecting when i started was what is known on here as the "carb flu". Essentually your body will go through withdrawl from carbs and it feels the same as if your body is expelling drugs. its horrible - im on my second week of this and am still active duty so work has been just peachy Anyway, dont freak out if you get a headache, the shakes or nausea - its normal. Best of luck to you, im sure you will do great