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Relatively new....had first bad day yesterday...

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  • Relatively new....had first bad day yesterday...

    I don't know if it was stress or PMS or what....but yesterday was hard. I managed to do well at dinner with hubby (fattouch salad with gyro meat...left the pitas alone)...but coming home, I scarfed way too much dark chocolate. I was able to stop and grabbed some chicken and avocado but was still disappointed that after about 2 weeks of doing so well, I went off a bit...

    I know I should be stressing about it and that will actually make it worse....Sorry just needed to vent. If any one has some advice, I would love to hear it!

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    not a big deal, get back on it tomorrow. Personally i don't see any problem with having a "night off" every once in a while. i've only been going primal since christmas but plan on having a night off of my own every few weeks when the wife and I or the whole family goes out.

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      It's ok...just keep going and do your best.
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        as long as you get straight back primal and don't let a nights indulgence turn into a weeks worth of crappy eating you'll be just fine i still scoff dark chocolate every now and then too nomnom!


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          THANKS all. The biggest challenge is changing the mind frame around this all. I know it is a lifestyle change and something i feel good about and NOT just a diet. Thanks again for taking the time to comment!


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            you'll be fine, just burn it off tomorrow with a bit extra exercise. i normally have a treat every sunday but make that my limit.

            keep up the good work
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              You will be OK.. it is just like building something. Every now and then the hammer misses the nail!

              Focus on the lovely juicy Primal foods and pamper yourself with some Coconut cream maybe?

              Whip ( literally) some of this up and have it ready to enjoy:

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                One of the takeaways from Mark's book, Primal Blueprint, is the 80% rule. Strive for 100% but accept that you'll probably only achieve 80% and that's just fine. One night in two weeks is way less than 80%


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                  I'm not sure this is advice but it could make you feel better that I've been eating primally for more than 6 months and today I screwed up and ate way too much everything (except grains) fruit, chocolate, you name it. We all do it as part of the developed world.

                  I'm seriously paying for it too, I feel like barfing (but not from psycho stress just from eating so damn much)

                  I think what I will do is fast for a bit, see how long I can go.
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