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  • All the evidence I will ever need...

    ...I found after 5 days of trying this lifestyle.

    I should back up a bit. My girlfriend and I recently moved in together, and as part of that move, made a commitment to get ourselves back in the shape of our younger-years. I was thin in college, with strong muscle mass in my legs from soccer and running. She was average build as well, from her various activities and such. Fast forward 15 years, and suddenly things have fallen apart physically.

    In any case, I found this site some time ago. What I lacked was a partner willing to try this lifestyle. Having found that partner, we set out a week ago to see what would happen.

    After four days, I no longer needed antacids. I actually slept at night without heartburn and the like waking me 4, 5, 6 times a night. I needed LESS sleep to get the same amount of energy (though I gratefully accepted the extra sleep as making up for lost sleep in the past!) My joints didn't ache when I performed simple tasks. I wasn't starving all day long. Etc etc etc.

    In any case, last night I decided to test out whether it was truly this diet or not. We went to a local Mexican place. They have, by old standards, delicious food. What I mean is, if you took your parents or friends or anyone NOT on primal diets there, they'd love the food.

    I allowed myself to get the works. Chips with a bean and queso dip. Multiple flour tortillas. No alcohol, as I wasn't in the mood, but I essentially ate a little bit of everything. By old standards, it was a fantastic meal.

    However, to my new taste buds, it was crap. The tortillas tasted like crap. The beans were bland. The cheese dip was nothing compared to some real, shredded cheese that I'd eat at home (I tolerate dairy). The best part? I woke up this morning with the worst hangover and a feeling of nausea. I was up half the night trying not to throw up.

    I will never, ever do this again. I can't believe I ate like that for 34 years, and I can't believe people still eat like that, each and every meal and day for all their lives. I will be back here for help, for recipes, for a push to try new things, for exercise tips, for just about everything.

    But for now, well, all I can say is it took one week and one meal to sell me on the idea of this lifestyle.