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  • So far, so Good :-)

    I'm about two weeks into this dietary revolution. I feel fortunate that, to my surprise, my husband decided to go primal with me. In the past, it was almost impossible to make healthy food choices and go without sweets when Mr. Sweet Tooth wanted a "yummy" after every meal, lol! Our new "yummy" is a cup of flavored herbal tea once a day, usually after supper, and maybe a few nuts or a small square of 85% chocolate. We're doing better with the adjustment than I thought. Unlike when I've tried to "diet" before, I'm not craving contraband foods and snacks.

    I started PB, not to lose weight (although I need that, too) but because I have horrendous arthritis. In the last few years I've had horrible pain in my knees so that it was impossible to squat or kneel. That got a lot better but then I started having pain in my hips, particularly my left hip. My fingers are very stiff, especially when I wake up. I have a couple inflamed disks and resulting lower back pain. In short, I'm a mess at 56, and afraid of what I'll be like at 65 or 70 at this rate! I figured eating more protein might help repair damaged bone/muscles/joints etc. and ditching the grains/sugars/bad oils and food additives had to be a help in healing. Deep down I have always believed that the right food and a healthy lifestyle should prevent or cure most ailments. But despite eating healthier than many people (lots of fresh garden vegetables, fruits, berries etc) we were making many dietary blunders like eating lots of whole grains and beans because we fell for Conventional Wisdom. I have learned SO much from this forum and we're reading Mark's book currently.

    In only two weeks, my hips and back are MUCH better. I'm not pain free, but the difference is amazing. I'm not sure if this way of eating can completely rid me of pain, but I'm hoping so. I want to be able to enjoy life again and take long walks through our woods, work in the garden without suffering in pain, and generally enjoy life like I used to. I think I will be able to stay with this eating style because it is making an undeniable difference in my health, and as a side benefit I'm sure I'll lose weight. My husband has lost about 8 pounds so far and is feeling healthier as well. He's still more tempted than I am by contraband goodies, but he's Groking On admirably well!

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    Good for you for making the choice to become healthier! My husband wasn't too keen on the idea at first but as we get more and more into a routine, kept the fake foods out of our kitchen... it became second nature. My arthritis is so much better, I still get a little achey on occasion, but it's definitely better.
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