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If it first you don't succeed get up and try again....

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  • If it first you don't succeed get up and try again....

    Well I am sure I am not the first person to steer away from what I know is better for my body. For almost 5 months i religiously went Primal and inteneded to stay that way. I lost 50 pounds and felt AMAZING! I was sleeping better, my acne cleared up, wasn't sick AT ALL and I felt better about myself! I'm not making excusses but when life gets hard it is easier to just eat whatever ( which I need to get out of my head this time) I lost my grandparents who, I was extremely close to this year, one in May and one in Dec. May was when I lost control and didn't seem to care anymore there always seemed to be something, funeral, graduation....then summer...then all the holidays, I just couldn't get back onto the horse. I didn't want to do this as a new years resolution because those are almost always broken....and I knew when the time was right I would start again.

    Well it's almost Feburary and I am sick and tired of being tired all the time, and feeling disgusted by my own body...i gained back 20 of that 50 lbs.....I am putting a stop to this NOW. I know that it is going to be hard, but I need to get through the carb flu and then i will be just fine like before.

    We are going to start trying for kids in June, and I want to be in my best shape, and I am going to have a fully primal pregnancy, expecially after reading stories. This is why I am doing this NOW, for me and for my future children.

    Any ideas on how else to motivate....exercise especially seems to be the issue....I work all day then come home make/eat dinner spend time with my fiance, and do homework so i'm "too" tired to work out.....