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    Iíve been primal for one week Ė I started January and already feeling better. I found my way to MDA in November Ė I was diagnosed with gallstones and started looking into my diet and changes I could make. I started reading the website and the forums and the books. I was in more discomfort than pain but am glad I had the surgery since my gallbladder ended up being infected. This was at the beginning of the year. I had already decided that after my surgery I would make the switch.

    At the beginning of the year, I was 183 pounds. Iím now at 177.6. The lowest Iíve ever been was 140 pounds. This was in my early 20s when I was in grad school and also probably in a depression. I exercised a lot Ė some at the gym, but also walking to class and walking my dog twice a day, but I didnít eat well. When I got a desk job, I went up to 180-190. When I went back to grad school, I went down to 170. When I went back to work, my progress continued and I was at 160. Then in 2008 I was diagnosed with tension headaches and prescribed amitriptyline. I gained 10 pounds in 2 months. Despite frequent walking plus yoga and pilates about 3 days a week. I met my husband, who had had his own problems with weight gain due to medication. We were eating pretty SAD but walking a lot and doing a bootcamp series at the Y. And we cooked at home mostly and didn't eat much processed foods or drink that much soda (or alcohol). I was down to 160 again when we got married (this was all over about 20 months). However, since our wedding 1.5 year ago, I gained close to 20 pounds. I think part of it is due to my prozac prescription, but Iím a week away from tapering off of that completely. Itís only been with my primal changes this month that Iíve seen consistent improvement (before, I only lost weight when I was sick = not eating).

    Iím not at 100% yet. The day after I started, we went to a friendís house for dinner and had homemade pizza. But Iíve completely changed my breakfast, lunch, and dinners at home. No beans, no pasta, no bread, no more peanut butter (which I gave up during the gallstones anyway). My husband has been very supportive Ė he hasnít gone primal but was already eating more meat and fat than me. When we met, I had low-fat yogurt and skim milk; he had whole milk and wanted to add bacon to everything. Iíve made the move to whole milk (when I do drink itóI add it to smoothies), and we have full-fat Greek yogurt. We subscribe to a local CSA and just rejoined for the winter so will get winter produce, chicken, and ground beef weekly and eggs biweekly.

    Iíve made some adjustments to reduce fruitóI decided my daily banana wasnít helping right nowóand have been having tuna or eggs with spinach and cheese, or something similar, for lunch. Iím having a hard time adding bacon and sausage, though. I like it, but I still have this mental block against it Ė growing up, it was a treat. My dad was diagnosed with heart disease in his 30s. Now heís in his 70s and not any healthier, and neither is my mom, despite having returned to school 20 years ago to become a dietitian, so I know restricting bacon and other fats wasn't the answer, but I still hesitate...

    This morning my husband asked me if Iíve lost weight Ė and I had. Not sure if anyone else notices, but I definitely have more energy. I actually havenít even been sleeping that great this past week (I blame the cats more than anything) but I havenít been as tired during the day and havenít been hitting that 2-3 pm wall. SoÖlong introduction, but this is all to say I hope to contribute to the forums more. Not sure if Iím ready for a journal, but I appreciate the information Iíve received here.

    Height: 5í6Ē
    SW: 183
    CW: 177.6