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  • Greeting Everyone!!

    My wife and I both decided to go primal after I stumbled across this site while looking for reasons as to why we weren't losing weight. We are in day 3 of our primal plan, and so far, its going great. It's been a big adjustment going low carb, but we have already been feeling the results. My only question is, what do you guys do to keep from getting hungry....I've tried adding more fat to meals, having high protein snacks like hard boiled eggs...but i still have this constant hungry feeling....any advice? (My wife btw has not been having any of the hunger issues i am, it just seems to be me).

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    At the beginning your body is trying to fill a nutritional hole that's probably been there since childhood.
    When I first started I consumed over 3000 calories daily and wasn't one bit concerned. In fact, I lost 30 lbs stuffing my face with primal foods (never had nuts though)...I also drank 1 quart of full fat Raw goats milk daily for 1.5 years straight, with meals, between meals, before meals, just happen to walk into the kitchen...ah there is the milk again LOL

    I had 2 bowls of berries with milk every morning, bacon, pork, eggs, lard, etc. I'd grab a stick of unsalted local butter and eat it straight up, I did not give a rats ass about calories because I knew I was malnourished as hell (but fat).
    The hunger cravings went completely dead about 1.8 years into primal. I've cut out the dairy 4-5 months ago and dropped another 8 lbs or so. Felt super agile after that, skin got a bit thinner and I felt less sleepy after meals (excess calcium intake makes me sleepy). BUT...with every week that goes by (since january) these cravings are slowly creeping up again even though I'm eating a LOT and weight is stable.
    My guess is something is nutritionally missing again that was in the raw milk. I don't know what it is that's missing in my current diet and I don't really care. Come April I am getting my hands on some raw goats milk again. Until I had my fill by end of summer and will take a winter break again.

    My advise is load up on everything and anything primal, makes veggie juices, make jerky, find a large variety of the same foods from diff animals, turkey eggs, duck eggs, elk meat, buffalo, pork, chicken, fish, organ meats of all kinds from all kinds of animals, squash, cucumber, cantalope, pineapple, if Grok can recognize it, eat it!!! Fill the 'bucket'.

    Coconut milk (the thick cream) with pineapple slices, apples and bananas do the trick. Full fat yogurt with walnuts, raisins and apple bits.
    Mashed berries with warm melted butter.


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      eat more fat

      drink water


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        I agree with Issabeau. When you first start out, the adjustment can be a bit tough. I found I was anxious and wanted ... something. I think this was part of going low carb in general. Eat whenever you want... just keep it primal. The advise to stay away from nuts is good too. Your body will adapt in a few weeks