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Would anyone like to form a support group?

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  • Would anyone like to form a support group?

    As I battled day 2 of my "carb flu" I realized that most people in my life were telling me to give up. My best friend is convinced that the paleo lifestyle is not healthy and alternated between trying to convince me of this and telling me about the yummy desserts she made for her family last night. My husband doesn't say much, just asks me ocassionally if i have managed to change my genes yet. He will be a skeptic and wont join me on this journey until he sees results but at least isnt trying to dissuade me. Anyway, all this negative energy made me think that I could do with a support group. I'd like to gather a few people, maybe 5 - 10, that will share in this journey with me. I would like some people who are brand new to this like me as well as a few more experienced types that can offer advice. Is anyone interested? I will tell you a bit about myself:

    I am 30 years old. I have been in the Air Force for 12 years. I currently live overseas but will be moving back to the states soon. I have a 1 year old daughter and have yet to lose the weight I gained during pregnancy. I have had a long history of digestive and hormonal problems that I am hoping primal living will be able to get rid of.

    Let me know if you want to join my journey.

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    Sure! I'm fairly new to this and still learning everything and working up to that 80% primal that Mark advocates. I'd love to have a support group, because all of this information is overwhelming. There's so much to change!


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      We are the support group. All of us. Except for the occasional troll, but you figure out who they are. Welcome!

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        I appreciate that everyone is the support group, but to a newbie its all so intimidating - i dont understand half the shit people are talking about on here! Also, i dont want to post a thread to the whole world when im having a bad day and need some extra encouragement. so if you want to be on the end of said email, hit me up at and i can be there for you too.


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          My email is - I'd be glad to trade emails.


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            I'd be interested too...I'm 32. My boyfriend thinks this is just another temporary fad diet. He's supportive of eating whole, unprocessed foods...with the notable exception of bread, which he won't ever be willing to give up. I have a friend who I was talking to about this. She just rolled her eyes and told me how ridiculous she thought the premise is that we didn't evolve to eat processed junk (also note she's 31, 5'4, bordering on 300lbs, and has associated health issues---pot meet kettle). So, I've gotten to where I don't try to explain the theory behind PB...I just say I cut out processed foods and sugar. Some people seem interested, others derisive, others dismissive. I've been reading through the forums like a mad woman, trying to soak up as much information as I can, but I could use all the help/support I can get.


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              Hi Jess,
              I would love to be part of the group. I will send you a message with my e-mail address.
              I hope you have a great day!


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                Ditto! I tried to start something a while ago, but didn't get a good response. Would it be worthwhile to see if we can start our own group here? Might be easier to communicate with each other that way since there are a few of us? Just a thought.
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                  I'm all for this. No primal buddies where I live. Not partnered and my closest friends are carb lovers and a raw food vegan.

                  I've been reading up on PB since mid-December when I first heard about it. The Universe conspired on that one - two good friends independent of each other sent me the same link. One out of town; one is one of the carb lovers mentioned above. I even went to the PB seminar held in Portland, OR this week.

                  I chose to ease into this lifestyle. On the days I'm eating primal (or nearly so) I feel better that day and the next, I'm less stiff, and more alert. It's definitely doing something positive for me. I've even lost 5 pounds since the end of December just by cutting back on the grains and sugars. My pantry is about 95% cleared of grains and sugars. Whatís left are raw ingredients so if I wanted to eat something non-primal, Iíll have to bake it first.

                  However, I can't seem to get fully on board. My obstacles are my lack of cooking skills (and decent kitchen), a love of bread and baking, and trying to eat primal when dining out at lunch. Yes, I could bring my lunch to work but by bringing my lunch, I cut myself off socially. Iíve toyed with the idea of eating at my desk and then just tagging along on my lunch break and ordering an iced tea but in order to do that I need to find something quick and not messy to eat while I work. Think one-handed food. Iím clueless, since a sandwich is out of the question.

                  I havenít begun the fitness aspect of the lifestyle yet. Those excuses are too numerous to mention. The arrival of Spring and daylight will help with that situation.

                  I know that this is the way to go. I know that I need to get going now, as the longer I wait, the more I destroy myself. Iíve taken the clandestine self-portrait for my before photo. Iíve got the scale to mark the beginning weight. I need a push.


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                    I'd be up for this too you can make a group and we can all join if you like that way we can all post as one

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                      I'm new to all this too, would love to be a part of a newbie group!
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