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    Hey guys, my name is Jon Im 33 years old and live in New Jersey. Im actually a big follower of the blood type diet which led to the primal lifestyle. I suffer from food allergies from massive amounts of antibiotics taken as a child. I always had colds, flus, strep, and pneumonia several times. The worst i ever felt was when i was a "raw food vegan". I am now totally against vegetarianism. In 2007 I dropped all that BS and ate steak and green vegetables everyday. All i know is that when I eat red meat, eggs, and greens I feel alot better alothough not perfect. I assume most people here are Type O blood types??? Another thing I discovered on my own was the high intensity but short workouts...though I invented it lol but then found out someone had already called it HIIT. Anyway, glad to be here.