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    Hello Grokers....

    My name is Ken and I have been on one hell of a journey up to this point. I should point out that I am not here to bash anyone or to start a flame war......I'm just remarking on the path that I have been on and results thus far..

    I have always been heavy. My family has always been heavy...athletic....but heavy. I played basketball, and football, and also wrestled and had very good success. I grew up in a military home where it was imperative to eat as fast as possible and be done with it. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were not times to get to know one another, but, to silently get through it. fast as possible. Meat, potatoes, and vegetables, were the order of the day...every day. Desert was also common place. I hate to blame my parents as that is what was taught then. was heir

    Fast forward to three months ago and I am a 5'9" guy..... large framed...... 298lbs dude who could eat in a fastest eating competition and could compete with the best of them. Being athletically inclined...I love competition...and this was something I enjoyed although my wife and little ones would seem to get embarrassed by my gluttony...

    I stumbled upon Durianrider/Liferegenerator on YouTube. I thought the vegan way of eating was the way to go if I where to change my ways. I mean...these guys were thin and seemingly healthy, and what they were saying seemed to make sense. I thought It was going to have to be drastic and maybe even result in a prolonged fast. So...I did a 10 day water fast and started a low fat vegan diet. Worst 10 days of my life...btw.

    I was MISERABLE!!! I watched all of this dude's videos on YouTube to stay motivated and watched as he started attacking mark Sisson/Gary Taubes and anyone in the low carb movement. Instead of just promoting his way of life and eating, he spent nearly every waking moment bashing everyone that wasn't on board with his ideology..This alone started my research on what this low carb thing was all about. After all....I love bacon....But this guys obsession with bashing anyone that eats meat forced me to research the "other side" of the argument.

    After three months as a LFRV and losing a huge amount of weight....12lbs....I have decided to read the primal blueprint. I had become familiar with Mark Sisson from the incessant bashing on Durianriders site.I bought it 3 days ago and just finished it, and cannot believe (I feel like) I had just wasted 3 months of my life. I also ordered p90x to aid in my getting in shape and to my surprise guess who does the nutrition plan...Mark Sisson!! WOW...What a sign....I feel like I'm on the right path now more than ever.

    I cannot wait to get this thing under way and see where it takes me....

    Much love to everyone,


    Tomorrow I'm going to enjoy some eggs and bacon for breakfast...I cannot wait...wish me luck!