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  • Hello everyone

    Hello! Im going to give the short introduction. Im 36 I have been into fitness (primarily weights and conditioning work) for about 12 years. Nutrition has always been my weak link, or perhaps consistency would be more accurate. About 2.5 years ago I stopped working out. My ex wife and I were having financial problems and it wasnt feasible to drive 30 minutes each way and pay $80 per month (gym for both of us) so that had to get put on the back burner. I built a decent home gym but had lacked the discipline to workout at home. I had picked up smoking, eating like crap, and sitting on my ass. My weight really has never been much of an issue (exactly) Im 6'3" and currently weigh 230, but prefer being at around 200 and 10% or less. I grew up really skinny so showing off that im 54" at the shoulders and 48" in the chest I like, I dont like my waist being around 40".

    I had eaten paleo in the past and really enjoyed it but when I went off the rails everything seemed to go along with it and was forgotten. Im allergic to about everything under the sun and had forgotten how gluten (essentially) just mess's up my guts.

    So, this last October I quit smoking, and got back to training. I started off doing 2 a days of insanity in the morning, and p90x in the evenings. I dropped 4" off my waist in short order and put an inch back in my arms (muscle memory is a wonderful thing) then month 2 I still hadnt dropped any weight and my gut was always swollen. I was doing IF. on my non lift days I was trying to put as much veggies in me etc etc and nothing. I was telling a friend about this on thursday or last week and he sent me a link to a doctor (forgive me I have forgotten his name) who was giving a class at the 21 convention and dropped Marks Sissons name a lot. Well, watching the presentation I figured out what was going on with me and my metabolism and it made complete and total sense. Before I learned about the Leptin reset or any of Marks material I had made the decision to drop my carbs to about 20-25 for a while and straighten out my "sugar" response. Apparently a diet of pizza and ben and jerries for a couple years will mess up your system

    I should receive the 21 day book today and I will devour that this evening. Im excited to be here and Im excited to have my focus on better choices.

    My goals;
    Get my body fat in the 8% range
    Have a High level of conditioning
    develop 18" drop chest to waist
    End knee and joint pain
    Neutralize inflammation

    So, this is where I am at today and would like to thank everyone for all of the posted information .

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    welcome! it is an awesome way of life. it is amazing how much better you feel and how fast your body recovers from stuff when it does hit you or after a hard workout.